They just keep getting longer and longer here on our Country Bungalow.

Look at the downspout!

We are supposed to have several days of above freezing temperatures so our icicle artwork should melt soon. We all have to be very careful walking in parking lots and on sidewalks that are not deiced. We have to walk a short distance to our garage and we are very careful doing that, too. Everything turns into solid ice and we do not want to fall on ice. Falling on snow is softer for sure.

When snow is cleared in parking lots, etc. it ends up being piled in one section of the area. As you drive around town you’ll see mini mountains of snow in most large parking lots. Those mini mountains will take a very long time to melt.

Hope all is well where you are…


9 Months!

Yesterday our little Jaymison Joshua reached his 9 month mark! These photos were put together by JJ’s mommy. Tonight I hope to capture some shots of him with my camera. That isn’t an easy proposition when we are hosting the birthday dinner party for Dan and Jamie. I’ll keep my camera out in the open so I remember!

Here’s what the landscape looks like this week from our country bungalow.

I’m so thankful for our window views and our trees!

The cake is out of the oven. The table is set. (The theme of my table is frosty with the hope of Spring) The marinade is on the chicken. The dishwasher is emptied so we can fill it again. I’ll prep the veggies that will be roasted on a sheet pan with the chicken on the Traeger later this afternoon and toss the salad just before we eat. Now I’m off to wrap the presents!

Happy Birthday Party Friday everyone.

Weekend Roundup “I”

Starts with “I.”  A Favorite.  Inside.

Starts with “I” ~ Icicles


A Favorite:

Island. Balboa Island in Newport Beach with family. My sister Vera, me, nephew Dave, niece Kristin, son Josh and DIL Laura.

Inside: Flash from the past.

Inside the Irma Restaurant Grill in Cody, Wyoming.

Parting Inside shot of Addy in motion with oversized slippers on.

It’s always fun to have Addy inside our home.

Linking up with Tom at The Backroads Traveller for Weekend Roundup!

Friday afternoon I got the sweet chance to listen to our grandson’s heartbeat. He is due in April. Addy was in the examination room along with her daddy and of course mommy. Addy has learned to hold up two fingers to show that she is turning two years old in March. She will be two years older then her little brother. A decision on the name for our grandson is proving to be difficult. We are not worried since we didn’t choose Daniel’s name until he was born. We have a forecast of bitter cold nights until Tuesday. Time will tell if I slip on my snowshoes for a little exercise in our back acres this weekend. What’s up in your corner this weekend?

Looking Closely…

I took a little walk about the yard looking closely to see what I could see with my little pocket camera. The birds can ice skate in the bird feeder.

Mini icicles. It’s rare for us to get the large cool ones that Jill showed us.

These might be the needle ice crystals Jill showed on her blog. This is my blueberry bush.

This plant is my thyme.

As I drove out of our neighborhood I spied the snowman built by the kids down the street.

Then I saw this…a frozen spider web.

It was good to take the time to look closely. Have you had some time to look carefully and closely at the world around you?

If Only I Was a Poet…

…I’d write a little something about Icicles.


These icicles formed off the edge of our gazebo cover. Some of you might be wondering why we didn’t store our cover in the garage for the winter. I have no idea why we didn’t do that but at this point it might as well stay put.


I know people that live in areas where their winters are harsher then ours have way more impressive icicles. Dear was at the Home Depot this morning because he’s working on yet another project in this old house. It is 20 degrees out there. So when the snow off the hood of his car melted in the Home Depot parking lot it formed icicles on the front end of his car. Sure wish he carried a camera everywhere like I do.


I spotted this cutie in our neighborhood. I’m taking a wild guess and saying a little girl created her!

About that project Dear is working on…it involves moving a gas line so he has the gas shut off right now so our little gas stove and gas fireplace insert are off right now, too. Did I mention it’s 20 degrees out?

What kind of temps and weather are you having today?

Photobucket replaced all my photos with ugly black and grey boxes and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.