9 Months!

Yesterday our little Jaymison Joshua reached his 9 month mark! These photos were put together by JJ’s mommy. Tonight I hope to capture some shots of him with my camera. That isn’t an easy proposition when we are hosting the birthday dinner party for Dan and Jamie. I’ll keep my camera out in the open so I remember!

Here’s what the landscape looks like this week from our country bungalow.

I’m so thankful for our window views and our trees!

The cake is out of the oven. The table is set. (The theme of my table is frosty with the hope of Spring) The marinade is on the chicken. The dishwasher is emptied so we can fill it again. I’ll prep the veggies that will be roasted on a sheet pan with the chicken on the Traeger later this afternoon and toss the salad just before we eat. Now I’m off to wrap the presents!

Happy Birthday Party Friday everyone.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “9 Months!

  1. Sweet! Happy birthday little one! May the Lord keep you safe and healthy in the years ahead!

    Beautiful views and perspectives there!❤️

  2. Wow – you are a busy one today! The house must smell amazing with all that baking and cooking! Your views (out very clean windows I must say) are stunning. The snow is pretty and we are getting some over here today too – a bit stormy. JJ is just adorable and can’t believe he’s 9 months already! Happy birthday to his mommy and daddy. Love the birthday menu. Have SO MUCH fun tonight!

  3. Oh those sweet grandchildren of yours just melts the heart on a snowy day in Virginia. Though we haven’t had anywhere as near as much as you have. Loved your stained glass also. Happy Birthday to Dan and Jamie. Sounds like a real nice birthday meal planned.

  4. Such beautiful scenes outside your window! And such sweet pictures of your growing baby boy! He looks so grown up all of a sudden! Hope the birthday party was a grand success!

  5. The “littles” are adorable, the birthday party sounds wonderful (and I’m sure it was) , and oh my goodness do you ever have snow! Good grief. And icicles! It all looks pristine and beautiful though and your home so warm and inviting! And your family is nearby. So let it snow!

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