Weekend Roundup “I”

Starts with “I.”  A Favorite.  Inside.

Starts with “I” ~ Icicles


A Favorite:

Island. Balboa Island in Newport Beach with family. My sister Vera, me, nephew Dave, niece Kristin, son Josh and DIL Laura.

Inside: Flash from the past.

Inside the Irma Restaurant Grill in Cody, Wyoming.

Parting Inside shot of Addy in motion with oversized slippers on.

It’s always fun to have Addy inside our home.

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Friday afternoon I got the sweet chance to listen to our grandson’s heartbeat. He is due in April. Addy was in the examination room along with her daddy and of course mommy. Addy has learned to hold up two fingers to show that she is turning two years old in March. She will be two years older then her little brother. A decision on the name for our grandson is proving to be difficult. We are not worried since we didn’t choose Daniel’s name until he was born. We have a forecast of bitter cold nights until Tuesday. Time will tell if I slip on my snowshoes for a little exercise in our back acres this weekend. What’s up in your corner this weekend?

Cody, Wyoming

yosemite to Cody 138

We left Yosemite oops Yellowstone on Saturday at the Eastern Gate and drove to Cody, Wyoming to spend the night. We had breakfast at The Irma Hotel named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter Irma. From here we took the trolley tour to learn about the city of Cody.

Today (Sunday) after spending a couple hours at the Buffalo Bill museum we hit the road for Butte, Montana. We had a nice drive with lovely weather and are at our hotel for the night. Tomorrow we hit the road early to drive all the way home. I have so many photos and will have to decide which to share in the next week or more.

I haven’t visited any blogs since we didn’t have WiFi while in Yellowstone. Hope all is well in blogdom!