Midsomer Murders…

We have gotten to the letter M with ABC Wednesday with thanks to Denise Nesbitt and the ABC Team.

While we were in Henley-on-Thames in England we enjoyed a visit to The Argyle where some of the scenes from the popular BBC murder series was filmed. DCI Tom Barnaby and his young sergeants are fun to follow around the English countryside and in many English pubs.

road to Henly day11 039

road to Henly day11 034

road to Henly day11 026

road to Henly day11 028

road to Henly day11 024I smiled when I saw the signature brew for Midsomer Murders and of course I had to try it.

road to Henly day11 025

road to Henly day11 029Do you watch any of the BBC Murder Mysteries? We enjoy Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis and Midsomer Murders. I was happy to see Season 7 of Inspector Lewis start up on Masterpiece Mysteries on Sunday night here in the states.

Click on the ABC link above to see more entries for M or to join in the fun.

Broadway in the Cotswolds

Broadway Day 7 004On day 7 of our trip to England in July we decided to visit the little town of Broadway in the Cotswolds. We arrived early which is always a good plan when you know big tourist buses would probably arrive at noon.

Broadway Day 7 008There are just enough shops to enjoy strolling through without feeling overwhelmed.

Broadway Day 7 024

Broadway Day 7 025

Broadway Day 7 014

Broadway Day 7 018

Broadway Day 7 017Plenty of Inns with pubs and other types of restaurants to eat in.

Broadway Day 7 015Broadway Day 7 006I enjoyed seeing this old couple heading over to the Tea Room.

Broadway Day 7 026

Broadway Day 7 027

Broadway Day 7 030We decided to eat at the Crown & Trumpet before we left Broadway.

Broadway Day 7 048

Broadway Day 7 051We enjoyed chatting with the locals who gave us many recommendations and opinions about a good brew, good food, politics, and good places to visit in England.

Broadway Day 7 055Some people might find some pubs to be a little too cozy. We enjoy the atmosphere in most of the older pubs. We avoid the newer ones.

Broadway Day 7 058I better keep moving along or I’ll never be done with my posts from our time in England. This was our last full day in the Cotswolds and on our way to our next self-catering location in Ross-on-Wye we made two stops. One of the stops was in Bourton-on-the-Water and then we stopped at Gloucester Cathedral.

Today back in the real world it’s Friday and I’ve got to get outside and mow the lawn and tidy up a bit. We have a quiet weekend ahead. On Sunday our church will not have regular services. We’ve been called to go out into our neighborhood schools and help the teachers and staff get the grounds and classrooms ready for the school year. We will scrub desks, clean out planters, pressure wash, and do other projects as a support of the communities we live in. We call it Community Serve Day.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.


An Evening Stroll…

…through the graveyard to dinner.


After settling in at the Old Manor House we asked for a recommendation for dinner and chose the “walk to” option. Strolling in the countryside is so rewarding.


We weren’t starving so we detoured slightly through the church yard.

P1040403We found out later that relatives of our host are buried in this church yard cemetery. It’s interesting to think of the years of history the family claims here.







P1040420It was fun to see these phone booths are still around.

P1040422Dinner just ahead at the Halford Bridge.



P1040427Beef and Yorkshire Pudding which is a regular offering on Sundays for many pubs.


We decided to share a dessert, too.

P1040430It was interesting to me to see most of the eateries we stopped in already were advertising for their Christmas meals so you could book ahead. Makes me think a lot of people eat out at Christmas which also means a lot of people work on Christmas…

I think I’ve only eaten out on Christmas once if that. Have you eaten out on Christmas or do you eat in?