An Evening Stroll…

…through the graveyard to dinner.


After settling in at the Old Manor House we asked for a recommendation for dinner and chose the “walk to” option. Strolling in the countryside is so rewarding.


We weren’t starving so we detoured slightly through the church yard.

P1040403We found out later that relatives of our host are buried in this church yard cemetery. It’s interesting to think of the years of history the family claims here.







P1040420It was fun to see these phone booths are still around.

P1040422Dinner just ahead at the Halford Bridge.



P1040427Beef and Yorkshire Pudding which is a regular offering on Sundays for many pubs.


We decided to share a dessert, too.

P1040430It was interesting to me to see most of the eateries we stopped in already were advertising for their Christmas meals so you could book ahead. Makes me think a lot of people eat out at Christmas which also means a lot of people work on Christmas…

I think I’ve only eaten out on Christmas once if that. Have you eaten out on Christmas or do you eat in?

We’ve Laid Our Heads Down…

…in some very nice places.

I will share more about these spots when we get home from England.

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds3Cotswolds

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds4Wells

St. Ives sunny 226The view from the house we stayed at in Cornwall.

We are now in a flat in London. My feet hurt but we’re happy and amazed at all we are experiencing.

I wanted to share a link my brother posted for my mom’s obituary and service times…

Nadia Bagdanov