Doe and Fawn

deer-fawn 004

deer-fawn 002

This Doe and Fawn have been showing up on our son’s property each afternoon or evening. If you just go about your business and don’t make sudden moves they are content to graze with us in the distance.

deer-fawn 001

deer-fawn 006

If you look carefully through the chicken coop you can see them. The fawn is watching me and the doe is busy grazing. That black and white speckled cock a doodle doer is destined for the cook pot soon! In the meantime we are eating lots of eggs!

Country Favorites!

We had so much fun watching the critters at our son’s home in the country. Katie grabbed my camera and took a lot of these photos. She also worked on identifying the birds. We were in Eastern Washington from Sunday until Wednesday.

This is a Calliope hummingbird.

A tree swallow.

I think this is a Rufous Capped or Golden Crowned Warbler.

The horses grazing are always a treat to see. We saw deer but didn’t get any photos of them this time. I also got a photo of some wild turkeys that I haven’t uploaded yet.

We managed to cross some things off the wedding “to do” list and got other things accomplished, too. We had a good relaxing and hard working time together. The wedding is at the end of June.

Today is Dear’s last day at his current job. His list is getting long for what he wants to accomplish during his “off” time. We’ll get a taste of what retirement might feel like. I’ll be sure to show you his projects along the way.

After getting back home the lawn needed mowing and our poor plants needed a good watering. We really are in a dry pattern for our neck of the woods. I was so beat last night that I went to bed at 7:00 pm and didn’t wake up until 5:00 am. We have a quiet weekend to look forward to. How about you?

I’m linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five!

Country Fun vs. City Fun

Last weekend we traveled five and a half  hours to our son’s home in the northeastern corner of Washington state. We were definitely in the country. There are things that you can do in the country that you are not free to do in the city. We have fun doing those things…

To Chewelah 026We arrived with the sun shining and blue skies.

Chewelah lumixThere aren’t a lot of restaurants to choose from in the country compared to the city but you can still find some real good ones. We had my birthday dinner at The Chalet in Chewelah and we all enjoyed our meals.

Dan's March 002Early on Saturday morning the snow started falling. We weren’t expecting that.

Dan's March 005Thankfully the snow only lasted till noon and then melted nicely. On Saturday because of the cold and snow Dear and Dan did indoor projects.

2014-03-17 Dan's March2In the country you can count on early morning visitors of the 4 legged variety that aren’t dogs or cats.

2014-03-17 Dan's March3They make themselves at home.

2014-03-17 Dan's March4We love the wide open spaces in the country. While walking out on Dan’s land on Sunday morning it was great to hear all the different birds chirping and the creek running.

Dan's March 001

Dan's March 024

Dan's March 031

2014-03-17 Dan's March1Dan is fortunate to have a huge shop where he can work away from the elements. The shop had lots of old tools from the previous owner and Dan displayed some of the older ones on the walls.

Dan's March 022You can’t do this in our city but in the country we got a great bonfire going cleaning up lots of debris around the property. While we worked outside our corned beef meal was cooking away in the slow cooker. When the clean-up for the day was done my family did some shooting. It’s nice to shoot out in the open instead of in a enclosed shooting range.  In the evenings we enjoyed sitting around eating and enjoying each others company.

Parks PassBefore we headed home on Monday morning we drove north into Colville to the National Forest Service office in town to pick up my Senior America the Beautiful lifetime pass and we got a free Military dependent pass for Katie. We joined the locals in Colville for breakfast at Zip’s.

Dan's March 033It was fun sitting and listening to the good ole boys talking about their doings and their take on what happened to that Malaysian plane.

Our 6 hour drive home back to the city was uneventful and that’s the way we like it.

So…are you a country mouse or a city mouse or maybe a little of both?