She Was A Happy Girl

When our daughter Katie was in fourth grade she was put into a Gifted program which was housed in a different school from our neighborhood school. After a few months in this program we started noticing some troubling patterns and angry outbursts from her. She did not want to go to school and wasn’t interested in doing any homework. She finally opened up to us and told us about her experiences on the playground from the other “gifted” kids. We decided the best thing to do was to pull her out of the program and try to repair the damage by homeschooling her. This was one of our best parenting decisions and moves. When we told her teacher and the administration we were pulling her out they were shocked and told us we were making a mistake. They felt this program was giving Katie some options she wouldn’t get in a regular classroom or at home. We just smiled and walked away. We home schooled for 4th, 5th and 6th grade and then Katie decided she’d like to try public school again entering junior high/7th grade. This is something I wrote in 1996 after hearing how Katie was treated and after watching how she was shunned at the school bus stop.

She Was a Happy Girl

She was gentle and kind
She liked to pretend and giggle and dream
Her dreams became playground games
She pranced and danced and was a tree fairy
Her imagination smiled inside her head
She was a happy girl

Other children on the playground couldn’t figure her out
She wasn’t like them
She was different in their eyes
Because of her uncommon ways they began to taunt her

She became the playground plague
She was called the germ
No one should touch the germ
or play with the germ
because they would become a germ, too.

She was a happy girl
but their thoughts and their actions
turned her into a sad and angry girl
She couldn’t understand and couldn’t change
what the playground had made her

She was a happy girl

I’m happy and thankful to God that Katie thrived being home schooled and when she re-entered the public school system she continued to do well. She enjoyed drama and art and had some great teachers who recognized her talents and abilities. She made some good friendships along the way at school and at church. She had very impressive SAT scores. She also was a National Merit Scholar. She completed college and now is standing by her husband as he completes his college degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He had a late start because of serving as a U.S. Marine. She still doesn’t fit in anyone’s mold. She is uniquely Katie. That’s one of the trees on one of her elementary playgrounds that she pretended she was a fairy in.

The Lord bless you and keep you;
 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

I found this as we sorted through lots and lots of paperwork and decided to put it on my blog as a reminder of how far we have come and how we were carried through by God’s love and grace in difficult times. There are some other things I might share from time to time. Peace be with you and yours.

A New Blog Recommendation

Do you home-school or know anyone who does?

These are my 4 home-schooled nephews. My SIL Kelly and my brother Steve have home-schooled them from K to College. One of my nephews has graduated from Westmont College, one will be a Junior there this year, and one will be starting there in August. My youngest nephew is 16 now and still being home-schooled. These young men have gotten the best kind of education. They have learned to love learning. They have all represented the State of California at National History Day in D.C. several years in a row. Timothy and Levi have spent a summer or two in Africa serving at orphanages there. Levi leads college worship at Westmont. Caleb is serving at Forest Home Christian Camps this summer with young boys. All this to say that this family has done Homeschooling well and there is wisdom you can glean here.

Kelly’s new blog is called Substantive Education. Here’s how that is described.

“A Substantive Education provides more than a solid academic foundation. It is a life-long passion to know more of the world, it’s people, and it’s Creator. Substantive Education doesn’t just prepare one to make a living, but to live a full and significant life.”

Kelly is one great learner and teacher. She is also the Director of Grace Prep School which provides support services to other homeschoolers in her area. Besides all that she’s a Pastor’s wife. I rest my case…

You can get a lot of good tips for homeschooling or learning in general at this new blog. I highly recommend Substantive Education to you.