Gettin Better All the Time…

On Saturday the troops arrived to help us fill our 2nd Container.

We were so pleased and thankful that the container got filled by 3pm. Our helpers worked hard and efficiently and we were grateful for the excellent help. The filling of this second container worked better than our first and we are hoping the next one will be easier still. On Monday another container will be dropped off and this filled container will go back to the yard.

We took Sunday off from our mad packing schedule to recuperate and relax. After making blueberry pancakes for breakfast, using the fresh picked blueberries from our bush, I joined in online to a church service at Parkside church where Alistair Begg preaches. At eight I watched the World Cup Final match seeing France win over Croatia. Late in the morning I shopped for a few more bins and then we ate out for linner (lunch/dinner). Our kitchen is getting down to the bare necessities. I’m now watching some Seattle Sounders Soccer, too. It feels good to have a down day here.

When we were in Colville we took some photos of hay being rolled on July 7th.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

An Interlude…

…in the northeastern area of Washington State, where it is hot but no hotter than our western part of Washington right now. Why not sweat in a different location than our own for a few days?

drive 016

drive 010

drive 014

drive 011

This afternoon doe, a deer, a female deer and her fawn were grazing in our son’s yard. I’ll share those photos soon. We’ll be eating farm fresh eggs the next several days and we might have to put the rooster to rest if it keeps crowing at all hours and then we’ll have chicken and dumplings. Dear has projects to do with our son and I’m going to walk the dog in the cool of the morning. Hopefully I won’t meet up with any bears or cougars, oh my.

Are you having an interlude, an intermission from the regular?