The Barn Collective


These are the final allotment of my farm scenes and barns from Northeastern Washington that I took in August.

country-scenes-050 country-scenes-040


I’m linking up to The Barn Collective hosted by Tom the Backroads Traveler.

I’m posting this next photo on all my posts that go up on 9-11, remembering.


10 thoughts on “The Barn Collective

  1. 9-11. What a sad day for all of us. we lost a member of our extended family at Canter Fitzgerald. I like seeing the flag handing from the side of the barn. The bales are in the fields here ready to be taken to their homes, but there are no white barns with the Flour Mill and Royal Feed signs on them. I do not think I have ever seen one with writing on the side like this. It is a beauty. Such a nice post this week. genie

  2. Great collection — we see too many of those falling down barns everywhere we go — sad. But they make wonderful pictures.

    A lovely picture for September 11 — and of course meaningful even though I am seeing it later — always meaningful. Thank you

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