Our third container made it’s way to the yard on Monday morning. The sign was taken down Monday afternoon. We spent the night at our kids’ home north west from us. Drove over to the old house to empty out the freezer and hand over the keys on Tuesday. Our agent brought us some nice gifts and we said our goodbyes to the house. We still have exclusive access to our 44′ x 24′ shop till the end of August which is a blessing to us for sure. The heat wasn’t as bad today as yesterday which was a relief. Tomorrow we head to Colville to look at 7 houses. Maybe we’ll be able to put an offer on one of them. Time will tell. Hopefully cooler days will prevail over there, too.

This was a fun photo that popped up on Facebook from my niece Michelle taken at our Pop’s viewing.

My grandniece Avery, our grand Addy and our youngest niece, Hope. Addy really bonded with Hope. When Hope was around I was chopped liver. 🙂 It’s fun to see how little ones light up and enjoy the younger set.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your prayers and thoughts and encouragement during this season of upheaval in our day to day life.

Gettin Better All the Time…

On Saturday the troops arrived to help us fill our 2nd Container.

We were so pleased and thankful that the container got filled by 3pm. Our helpers worked hard and efficiently and we were grateful for the excellent help. The filling of this second container worked better than our first and we are hoping the next one will be easier still. On Monday another container will be dropped off and this filled container will go back to the yard.

We took Sunday off from our mad packing schedule to recuperate and relax. After making blueberry pancakes for breakfast, using the fresh picked blueberries from our bush, I joined in online to a church service at Parkside church where Alistair Begg preaches. At eight I watched the World Cup Final match seeing France win over Croatia. Late in the morning I shopped for a few more bins and then we ate out for linner (lunch/dinner). Our kitchen is getting down to the bare necessities. I’m now watching some Seattle Sounders Soccer, too. It feels good to have a down day here.

When we were in Colville we took some photos of hay being rolled on July 7th.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Box Me In…

We are ready for our strong armed helpers to arrive tomorrow to fill our second container to be stored at a yard while we wait to find a home to move into. The third container will be dropped off on Monday and the full 2nd container will be on it’s way. We will work on filling the third container when we get home from my pop’s funeral in Southern California.

Choosing joy in the midst! Hope all is well with you dear bloggy friends!

Boxed In…

It’s called Simple Box but there is nothing simple about loading a box container. There are sections of the box designated for medium, heavy, light and very light weight. The boxes will be lifted at a tilt to load and unload off a truck so the weight and the tie downs are crucial for a successful journey and delivery.

We weighed every box and item that went into this moving container. In the middle shot Andrew is weighing the box spring that would be the last item put in the container in the very light section.

Monday was our only forecast this week of a full sunny day so we called all hands on deck and worked from morning to night to get all 6100 pounds in and secured.

We all had very sore muscles and tired legs and arms but were thankful for a job completed well and with love remaining amongst the workers! We couldn’t have done it without our helpers. Tuesday was a light day of work for me as my body needed recovery time. Friday is staging day here. It will be interesting to see the results of that.

Hope all is well with all of you.