Boxed In…

It’s called Simple Box but there is nothing simple about loading a box container. There are sections of the box designated for medium, heavy, light and very light weight. The boxes will be lifted at a tilt to load and unload off a truck so the weight and the tie downs are crucial for a successful journey and delivery.

We weighed every box and item that went into this moving container. In the middle shot Andrew is weighing the box spring that would be the last item put in the container in the very light section.

Monday was our only forecast this week of a full sunny day so we called all hands on deck and worked from morning to night to get all 6100 pounds in and secured.

We all had very sore muscles and tired legs and arms but were thankful for a job completed well and with love remaining amongst the workers! We couldn’t have done it without our helpers. Tuesday was a light day of work for me as my body needed recovery time. Friday is staging day here. It will be interesting to see the results of that.

Hope all is well with all of you.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “Boxed In…

  1. Oh such hard work! My daughter just sold her house in Kent, Wa. Her own furniture was allowed as good staging, but she had to put a lot of things in storage so it looked really empty inside. Lots of hard work! I commend you!

  2. With “love remaining among the coworkers,” then I’d say that Box Loading Day was a success! That is hard, hard work. So glad that you were able to have a lighter day on Tuesday. Hope you’ll give us a few peeks at the staged house!

  3. Now that is what I call a great work crew! So glad you have that done and behind you for now. Hope you will share pics of the staging day on Friday.

  4. Well done! Tiger Balm for sore muscles…rub and patches. Highly recommended! It’s been 8 months and there are still dozensssss of boxes to unpack. Slow but steady…I try to unpack a few each day and a friend came to help for a few days now. If it hadn’t been for the Mennonite church folks (I attended last place I lived), I do not know how I would have gotten packed and moved. God bless Joe and Mandy (especially!) as well as an unofficial son, Daniel, and his cousin and friends. Moving is a HUGE job and the next time I move it’s going to be to a small 5′ long box. (Actually, Joe and family are coming next week and he’s going to make that box for me. It’ll be stored in the barn until needed, hopefully not for 30 years! smile…)
    God speed and be safe.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the final staging. Your house always looked pretty spiffy before. Are you keeping all your sets of dishes for your table scapes?

  6. Wow, so much work to do, and having to weigh each item must have been quite the chore! How wonderful that you had so much help though, what a blessing!

  7. Oh, Ellen, I can really relate to this … looks like you had the brains and the brawn to work out the jigsaw puzzle! Good luck with the next stage … our final moving day is Saturday – can’t wait to be in the new house, lock, stock and barrel!

  8. So glad that you had such cheerful and strong helpers! Such a big job – you must be relieved to have that over with. Hope the staging goes smoothly with quick and happy results!

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