Tea Time Tuesday

Barb at Grits and Glamour hosts Tea Time Tuesday every other week and I’m joining in this week.

I love my Wind in the Willows Teapot that I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market over a year ago. I put together a Pink and Green Tea tray to go with it just for fun. I enjoyed reading Wind in the Willows for the first time just before I saw this Teapot so I decided to add it to my small collection.

This is a tea I hosted back in February for my Bible Study ladies.

These are individual little bubble vase place card holders that are fun to use for tea or any meal.

I’m looking forward to  coming around to see your Tea Time posts.

Tablescape Thursday ~ Bedroom Tea Tray

I’ve so enjoyed this weekly meme. It is a creative outlet that brings me lots of joy. It starts with the searching for treasure at thrifty prices then putting them together to create a pleasing result. It’s also fun to look around at what you already have and see what you can put together that you didn’t think of before.

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for being such a great hostess of this weekly event.

Seattle To Camarillo in 17 Hours!

We waved goodbye to the Space Needle about 5:30 AM on Saturday morning and continued south through Washington, Oregon and California. We only stopped for gas, 2 food drive thrus, and rest areas to change drivers. While I drove Dear tried to sleep and while Dear drove I tried to sleep so that we both could make it through without falling asleep at the wheel.

Along the way I enjoyed the bridges in Washington and Oregon.

I waved to Flower when we were driving in Oregon. I waved to Kathy B. when we got close to Sacramento. I waved to Willow when we drove down the grade into Camarillo, California at 10:30 PM.

This photo was taken driving from Oregon into California. Saturday was a hot day from Washington to California. The range we travelled through in the heat of the day was from 98 to 108 degrees.

Mt. Shasta in Northern California

We were happy and thankful to God for sustaining us on our trip and for the fact that we were not exhausted. I so appreciate your prayers for us on this journey. We had a refreshing rest Saturday night and were ready to re-unite with our friends on Sunday at church who we haven’t seen for 6 weeks.

We retrieved our mail and there was a package for me. Whoohoo! Melissa at Melissa’s Cozy Teacup sent me the teapot I won on her blog a while back.

Melissa also sent me all these great individual tea-bags to enjoy. Thank you Melissa I love the decorative Tea Pot and I’m looking forward to sharing my tea with friends.

Have a wonderful week everyone. I’m off to the airport Monday morning to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend who are flying down from Seattle to spend 5 days in L.A. to take in Disneyland, Magic Mountain and the Beach!

Thrift Store Treasures

So my walking numbers are way down this week after my high stepping totals last week. I’ve been sidetracked this week. I decided to clean out my kitchen cupboards and reorganize them so it’s easier to work. I had 3 bags of stuff to donate to the local thrift store. Things that just aren’t working in the condo. I have another box full of stuff to take back to the Mother ship in Seattle. Just when I was ahead I had a great shopping day at none other than Goodwill.


6 Water Goblets with roses etched on them (all 6 for 2.99), Tea Pot and two tea cups $2.99, A three piece cream and gold tea place setting for $1.99 (Kahla, East Germany), A Tiffany and Co. Ice bucket for 1.99.

A Limoges little basket dish for $1.99


There were 11 of these little vases that are designed to be place card holders. I got the set of 11 for $4.99.

Now the big decision on what to leave here and what to send to the Mother Ship…

I’m headed to Orange County today to meet some of my family at a Persian Restaurant to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday. I’ll try to catch up with y’all tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!