Miss Addy’s Tea Party!

We enter Addy’s 5th Birthday Tea Party. Addy requested a Tea Party Theme and her Mama delivered big time!

I’ll mention it now that this post has an extraordinary amount of photos.


The Birthday girl’s brother hiding under the gift table.

Auntie Katie arrived to help with the party preparations. She was in charge of the balloons for the photo op!

Aren’t these the cutest paper tea cups and saucers?!

Jamie baked and decorated this amazing cake with layers of different flavors. Addy’s favorite color right now is yellow and she wanted yellow and pink at the party.

This is the teapot piñata (/pɪnˈjɑːtə/) that Jamie constructed. It is filled with treats that will be released once it is broken with a stick or bat. 

Peanut butter and jelly mini sandwiches, rolled tortilla cheese and lunchmeat bites, bagel bites, cucumber sandwich bites, egg salad sandwich bites.

I loved this idea of bacon, lettuce and tomato bites with small cut out slices of bread.


West Coast Chicken Salad Croissant sandwiches, veggie cups and fruit cups.

Look closely and you’ll see that the strawberries have pretzel tea cup handles on them!

The birthday girl and friends table.

First we had our savory course.

After savories it was time to break the piñata open. No blindfolds for this age group.

The break open moment caught by Laura with her phone!

Time for cake and sweets!

Dan made the macarons! The lemon macarons were incredible!

Have you seen this Safari book? The animals featured are in motion. Photicular.

I wish I would have gotten a photo of the three pretty dresses that Addy will be able to twirl in from Uncle Josh and Auntie Lolo. The musical jewelry box was also a hit.


After the party was over and most guests had left mom and dad remembered they forgot to give Addy the present they bought for her. So much going on…

She was happy to have a new bike that is a better size for her.

Happy 5th birthday Addy. Baba and Gramps love you and we thank our God that you are surrounded by family and friends who love you, too. You are a quick learner and eager to help. We are thankful for all your learning experiences at Homeschool and Homeschool Co-op, Awana, Children’s church, Piano lessons. We pray that God will continue to ‘bless you and keep you, be gracious to you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.’ 

March In Mud Hodgepodge

Jo is back this week with Hodgepodge questions. You can join in HERE.

1. Somehow it’s March? Is it coming in like a lion where you live? 

It has come in like a Lion in parts of Western Washington State with heavy rains that have caused mudslides, flooding, and downed trees. Here where we live in Northeastern Washington we are having gentle rains and our snow is melting bringing us into the season we call mud. This next photo of our grandson shows the reality of the mud season. Fun for littles, not so fun for adults. 🙂

Tell us one fun thing on your March calendar. 

Our granddaughter is turning 5 in the month of March which is fun and exciting. My birthday falls in March, too. Our daughter and her hubby will celebrate their 11th anniversary this month. Auntie Lolo’s dear Grandma Wilma turns 98 on Friday and gatherings and celebrations are afoot!

2. In what way(s) do you ‘march to the beat of your own drum’? 

I’m finding this one hard. God has created me in a unique way and my hope is to march to the beat of His drum. It does not pay to kick against the goads!

To “kick against the goads” is nothing less than an exercise in vanity; futile and pointless. The Greeks and Romans used this saying to imply “ruinous resistance.” Paul had to learn the hard way that resistance to Jesus was a losing battle — hopeless. God is sovereign.

3. The Hodgepodge lands on Dr. Suess Day (March 2nd). Do you like eggs? How about ham? Share a favorite quote from one of his books. 

I do like eggs and I do like ham. Make me some Eggs Benedict ma’am, I am!

That’s my quote since Dr. Seuss is not a favorite of mine and we don’t even have one book of his on our bookshelves. His books were never a favorite to read out loud either. I did have to read many out loud when the children in my 2nd grade classroom picked them for me to read in class. I never denied them that pleasure.

4. Have you read Little Women? How about Alice in Wonderland? Did you love them, like them, feel just eh about them? Why is this question in the Hodgepodge today? 

I think I did read Little Women, but I honestly can’t remember for sure and part of my memory is mingled with the movie. I know for sure I have not read Alice in Wonderland.

5. How do you meal plan? How often do you shop for groceries? One homemade meal that was on your menu last week or is on your menu this week?

Oh boy. My meal planning is hit and miss and mostly centers around who is coming over for a meal. I shop for groceries when we are in town. My shopping lately focuses on what I need for a particular meal. Last week we had Taco Salad for a meal when our daughters in law and grands came over for dinner. We had trifle for dessert.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

We are counting the days until we celebrate her 5th birthday. The theme she has decided on is Tea Party. Now her mom is busy coming up with all the creative ways to make that theme happen!

Thank you Hodgepodgers for stopping by and leaving a comment. I understand that some of you have issues with commenting on my WordPress blog. I don’t know how to remedy that. Thank you for trying.

Happy March everyone!

Tea for Eight

On Saturday I cashed in my winning bid at our Missions auction for a Tea for Eight. I set the table and invited the guests and then was able to sit and enjoy being served along with my seven guests.

As my guests arrived they were invited to choose the tea cup and saucer from the tea cart. Once the choices were made and the headbands chosen we sat down for our first cup of tea before the Tea Sandwiches arrived.


Kathy, the gal on the left was the the cook and organizer and she brought along a helper.

Each sandwich type and quiche were delicious. Not sure what my favorite was. Cucumber Cream Cheese and Dill was delicious and such a classic. The artichoke sandwich might have been my favorite but then there was the Chicken Salad. Something else that was different besides the yummy artichoke sandwich was the Cream cheese, Apricot, Olive and Pecans. Would we have room for Scones?

Oh yes we had room and some of us even managed a second scone.  All the right stuff came on the luncheon plate for the scone along with fresh strawberries in a lavender syrup.

After our Scone course we decided that a little walk about would be good. Addy was really taken with the older girls and they were very sweet with her.

After our walkabout we enjoyed a piano interlude from the girls.

The Dessert Course. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think the youngest guest thought the dessert course was the best!

Addy and Auntie Lolo.

Addy’s great aunt Rhonda bought this tea dress for her. If you look closely the skirt has teapots and teacups on it.


I got the cutest thank you card from one of the young girls in my box at church on Sunday. She thanked me and said she thought the tea was excellent!! It was a wonderful treat to be served tea in my home with my guests using my dishes. We were all thankful for air conditioning, too, since we reached the upper 80’s on Saturday.

Happy Summer everyone! Summer is coming in hot for us here with 3 digits predicted for the end of the week!

Tea Time ~ The Pinkie

On Mother’s Day while the guys prepared breakfast and Jaymison was sleeping the girls had a little tea party using the tea set that Josh and Laura purchased for Addy for her 1st or 2nd birthay.


When we were ready to drink our “tea” we showed Addy how we extend our pinkie finger for some classic tea time photos. She watched carefully and then…

…her version of the pinkie.

We all had a joyful chuckle. One day she’ll get a chuckle out of this, too.

The pinkie!

We are all looking forward to a proper “High Tea” with Addy in the future but this first one with water was a special treat to enjoy.

Addyson loves her auntie Lolo!

We had a very successful trip to Spokane and home again on Wednesday. My eye exam revealed that I am developing a cataract in my right eye which is no surprise and the eye surgeon said it was most likely to occur. I’ll need cataract surgery in a year or two. I got a fresh prescription for my eye glasses because of the change in my right eye. To get into the eye clinic I had to have my temperature taken, answer a few questions and I had to be wearing a mask. They had the waiting area staged to have the minimum of 6 feet between those waiting. I wore the mask the whole time I was being examined, too. The clinic was across the street from the center where Trader Joe’s is so that was our second stop.

We filled up the cart with some things our kids were in want of and added a few new choices for meals for us. On to Hobby Lobby which has just re-opened and I added several Easter items to the cart at 80% off the original price. We found another jigsaw puzzle that I used my 40% coupon on. After each customer transaction the cashier sprayed and wiped off the counter and the credit card terminal. Our last stop in Spokane was Costco where we filled up the gas tank for $1.97 a gallon and loaded up the cart with some things the kids needed and a few items for us. With my new eye glass prescription in hand I was able to choose and order two pairs of glasses, regular and sunglasses. The new COVID-19 guidelines meant I had my temperature taken again and then an attendant pulled frames off the wall for me to try. After trying on the frames they had to be disinfected before they went back on the wall. No one allowed by the wall of frames unless being assisted by one of the worker bees. A few hundred dollars later and a couple weeks wait and I’ll be able to see better. I was wiped out by this time. It was an extra strain to shop with dilated eyes and a mask. I find my shopping skills with a mask on are not organized and efficient.

On the way home from Spokane we called our favorite Mexican restaurant in Chewelah to see about ordering some food for our “Linner”. Lo and behold Hector recognized my number and said come on in we are open 24-7. (Actually 11-8) It was such a great feeling to be able to walk into the restaurant and be served a meal there instead of hauling it home. It was fun to interact with Hector face to face again and to have our little toast of celebration! They only have 6 tables that they can seat at 50% capacity and maintaining the Social Distancing required. We left full and thankful with twenty more miles to go…

About 12 miles in we stopped at the kids to drop off their goodies. A quick hug with the grands before they went down for their naps and then 8 more miles and we were home for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Hopeful for more normalcy to come back to all of us…

Tablescape Thursday ~ Tea Anyone?

I’m digging this up from my 2007 archives for this week. This setting feels more like Spring then Autumn so just pretend we’re in Australia and g’day mate!   Visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see some fresh scapes!

Welcome Ladies to Ellen’s

Moss Rose Tea Room

Come have a seat and enjoy some delicacies and delightful conversation.

The Tea has been steeped and is ready for you…

Sugar? One lump or two?

A few sweet delicacies and lots of pink roses not blue.

We hope you will sit awhile and speak kindly of your hostess…

We’re thrilled that you’ve joined us in our little fun.

and that you will leave here remembering everyone.

So relax, enjoy, be still for awhile.

The world will go on without us for now.

We’ll chat, laugh, sip to our heart’s content.

And when it’s all over we’ll be happy we met

So much beauty to enjoy.

So many people to meet

So glad you stopped by to enjoy my pink and moss treats!

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

Tablescape Thursday ~ Mad Hatter Tea

For Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch I wanted to share photos I took of a Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party I attended last year. The hosts for this party did such an amazing job of decorating and planning this lovely event. It was given in honor of my nephew’s bride to be.



It was strongly requested that we wear hats to the event, after all it was a mad hatter tea…

This is my SIL and me in our hats :0)

For more tables set for viewing please visit Susan here.

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

Tablescape Thursday ~ Friendship Tea

It’s time for another fun day of viewing tablescapes in Bloggy World. Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is our hostess for this event so click on over to her blog to see all the links to different tables set for us to enjoy.

Welcome to my Friendship Tea. I’m a table leader for our Women’s Bible Study at my church and I invited the ladies over for tea. It was fun putting together a tea table. Our Bible Study Women’s Leader is part of my table and it happened to be her birthday on the day of the tea so we had an extra celebration.


The Places were set and designated with these fun vase place card holders.


We had 3 different types of tea,  an Earl Grey, Peach Herbal, and a Russian Black Tea.


Cucumber- Basil sandwiches, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Scones, Dream Cookies, Heart shaped Red Velvet mini cakes, Mock Clotted Cream and Lemon Curd and Strawberries.


Thank you for visiting my Friendship Tea.

Before you go I just wanted to show you my actual Valentine Tablescape that Dear and I ate at on Valentines Day…

Photobucket is holding all my photos I stored with them from 2007-2015 hostage unless I pay them a lot of money. I’m slowly cleaning up many posts from this time period and deleting their ugly grey and black boxes with a ransom request. Such a time consuming bother.



Set the Table, Tea is On!

This weeks tea challenge for the Gracious Hospital-I-Tea Blog-a-thon is to share a creative afternoon tea table, linens, serving pieces, teapots and teacup, etc. This is your opportunity to show the world the fun you have when you create your own special tea experience.

I have 3 tea settings to share from previous posts. My first one I’m sharing is my Tea for One.


In the past I’ve collected napkin rings. This silver ring with the E on it is my personal napkin ring. The little tea pot is from Russia and has a huge matching pot that I’ll show during “The Pouring Teapot”. I have a couple little tea mugs instead of tea cups with saucers. The white/clear depression glass plates and creamer and sugar are from our handed down stash from Dear’s side of the family. The silverplate candy dish was a wedding gift.


The Tablecloth is one of several vintage ones I have from my MIL’s collection.


“Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.”
Alice Walker

A beautiful afternoon for tea…

For more “Set the Table” posts visit Gracious Hospitality.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and they have blacked them all out. I’m slowly working at restoring my posts without their help. Such a tiresome bother!