Tea for Eight

On Saturday I cashed in my winning bid at our Missions auction for a Tea for Eight. I set the table and invited the guests and then was able to sit and enjoy being served along with my seven guests.

As my guests arrived they were invited to choose the tea cup and saucer from the tea cart. Once the choices were made and the headbands chosen we sat down for our first cup of tea before the Tea Sandwiches arrived.


Kathy, the gal on the left was the the cook and organizer and she brought along a helper.

Each sandwich type and quiche were delicious. Not sure what my favorite was. Cucumber Cream Cheese and Dill was delicious and such a classic. The artichoke sandwich might have been my favorite but then there was the Chicken Salad. Something else that was different besides the yummy artichoke sandwich was the Cream cheese, Apricot, Olive and Pecans. Would we have room for Scones?

Oh yes we had room and some of us even managed a second scone.  All the right stuff came on the luncheon plate for the scone along with fresh strawberries in a lavender syrup.

After our Scone course we decided that a little walk about would be good. Addy was really taken with the older girls and they were very sweet with her.

After our walkabout we enjoyed a piano interlude from the girls.

The Dessert Course. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think the youngest guest thought the dessert course was the best!

Addy and Auntie Lolo.

Addy’s great aunt Rhonda bought this tea dress for her. If you look closely the skirt has teapots and teacups on it.


I got the cutest thank you card from one of the young girls in my box at church on Sunday. She thanked me and said she thought the tea was excellent!! It was a wonderful treat to be served tea in my home with my guests using my dishes. We were all thankful for air conditioning, too, since we reached the upper 80’s on Saturday.

Happy Summer everyone! Summer is coming in hot for us here with 3 digits predicted for the end of the week!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “Tea for Eight

  1. A lovely time with friends! It has been a long time since I have had a tea party..
    You table setting was beautiful.

  2. I think it’s wonderful how the younger girls were included in so many ways. It’s the way they learn. Each age group teaching the next…it’s terrific! You set a lovely table with a lot of FABULOUS food!!!!! I don’t know that I could have eaten quite so much, but I sure would have given it a go!!!!! A walk in between courses surely helped and was a part of all the fun of the day. I LOVE the way the desserts are displayed!!! I have LOADS of those decorative cardboard cupcake cups. I never thought to use them as you did here around glass containers. Such a great idea!!! So glad you and your guests enjoyed your tea time together!🫖🧁

    • Alycia, thankfully our hostess let the guests take the desserts home with them if they promised to get the jars and lids back to her! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  3. What a lovely tea party! Addy’s dress was perfect for the occasion and it looks like she was in her element! Actually, everyone looks like they’re having a good time. What’s not to like? A beautiful table, delicious and pretty food, and good company!

  4. Hi and thank you for sharing these wonderful pics. I love your dishes. The food looks and sounds so delicious. Addy’s dress is sweet. I love how everyone was included and I know Addy will now look forward to tea in the future!

  5. Awwwww….Awesome pictures! What precious tea time! Adorable table,dainty and romantic. I love those gorgeous teacups too. Addy is so cute with her beautiful dress. Yummy treats! Such fun!

  6. What a super thing to do! Fun for a good cause. I recognize several of those faces (even before you named them) — it’s lovely to include the little (and bigger) girls in this event. And oh I would be happy eating like that almost any time (other person in my home would undoubtedly have different ideas, although he has indulged me in attending high teas in a couple of wonderful places where we were traveling. )

  7. I enjoyed seeing your tea party. The table settings and the dainty food look pretty and delicious. How happy the guests must have been sipping tea, eating and being entertained by the girls playing the piano! Sweet company and fellowship is the best way to spend time.

  8. Tea parties are so much fun. I have 4 daughters so you can imagine we had tea parties too. Not so refined and elegant. I love the girls dresses. So summerful.
    My eldest came for a visit over the weekend. she brought her hubs along and also 2 horses and 4 dogs. Quite a houseful. The horses loved the green grass—pretty dry in Ritzville right now.. I put a few pics on my blog.

  9. It all looks so beautiful! Did any of these ladies know how much you enjoy preparing a tablescape? This really made me want to be at that table too, remembering some of our teas. I had to smile when I saw Addy. Such a treat for her to be part of this group of older girls and ladies. Also, your hair looks really nice! =)

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