Tea Time ~ The Pinkie

On Mother’s Day while the guys prepared breakfast and Jaymison was sleeping the girls had a little tea party using the tea set that Josh and Laura purchased for Addy for her 1st or 2nd birthay.


When we were ready to drink our “tea” we showed Addy how we extend our pinkie finger for some classic tea time photos. She watched carefully and then…

…her version of the pinkie.

We all had a joyful chuckle. One day she’ll get a chuckle out of this, too.

The pinkie!

We are all looking forward to a proper “High Tea” with Addy in the future but this first one with water was a special treat to enjoy.

Addyson loves her auntie Lolo!

We had a very successful trip to Spokane and home again on Wednesday. My eye exam revealed that I am developing a cataract in my right eye which is no surprise and the eye surgeon said it was most likely to occur. I’ll need cataract surgery in a year or two. I got a fresh prescription for my eye glasses because of the change in my right eye. To get into the eye clinic I had to have my temperature taken, answer a few questions and I had to be wearing a mask. They had the waiting area staged to have the minimum of 6 feet between those waiting. I wore the mask the whole time I was being examined, too. The clinic was across the street from the center where Trader Joe’s is so that was our second stop.

We filled up the cart with some things our kids were in want of and added a few new choices for meals for us. On to Hobby Lobby which has just re-opened and I added several Easter items to the cart at 80% off the original price. We found another jigsaw puzzle that I used my 40% coupon on. After each customer transaction the cashier sprayed and wiped off the counter and the credit card terminal. Our last stop in Spokane was Costco where we filled up the gas tank for $1.97 a gallon and loaded up the cart with some things the kids needed and a few items for us. With my new eye glass prescription in hand I was able to choose and order two pairs of glasses, regular and sunglasses. The new COVID-19 guidelines meant I had my temperature taken again and then an attendant pulled frames off the wall for me to try. After trying on the frames they had to be disinfected before they went back on the wall. No one allowed by the wall of frames unless being assisted by one of the worker bees. A few hundred dollars later and a couple weeks wait and I’ll be able to see better. I was wiped out by this time. It was an extra strain to shop with dilated eyes and a mask. I find my shopping skills with a mask on are not organized and efficient.

On the way home from Spokane we called our favorite Mexican restaurant in Chewelah to see about ordering some food for our “Linner”. Lo and behold Hector recognized my number and said come on in we are open 24-7. (Actually 11-8) It was such a great feeling to be able to walk into the restaurant and be served a meal there instead of hauling it home. It was fun to interact with Hector face to face again and to have our little toast of celebration! They only have 6 tables that they can seat at 50% capacity and maintaining the Social Distancing required. We left full and thankful with twenty more miles to go…

About 12 miles in we stopped at the kids to drop off their goodies. A quick hug with the grands before they went down for their naps and then 8 more miles and we were home for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Hopeful for more normalcy to come back to all of us…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Tea Time ~ The Pinkie

  1. Hello, love the cute tea party photos. Addy is adorable. Sounds like your shop was successful. I think I need my eyes examined. Take care and enjoy your day!

  2. Sounds like a successful trip! Read up on cataract helps…my sister has been able to decrease her cataracts a lot. (Lutein) She, though a nurse, is not excited about cataract surgery.

    Oh I love to see tea parties. Not sure about that pinky thing, though. Ha!

    Yay for normalcy…I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to sit down and enjoy a meal without balancing it on one’s knees.



    Yay! Progress!

  3. Darling Addy.. So cute! What a day you had. I tried making a mask..I couldn’t find any elastic at first. I didn’t have a pattern either. So on my own limited sewing skills, I improvised with an old pink bandana. It’s a bit awkward, but works. I believe patience will be instilled these days, on not.. A good mexican meal sounds yummy..

  4. These are the sweetest pics of Addy and the tea party. She is just beautiful. I know you all treasure the memories. Sorry about the cataract but thankful you got your glasses ordered and were able to make the other stops as well. This is Mildred (with a new blog). John and I have been under the weather for many months but we’re better now.

  5. Ellen – it looks like a tea the Queen might appreciate! Addyson sure looks to have the pinkie down, from my perspective! I am glad to hear that retail stores are taking the precautions so seriously. It’s important for them and for the customers. I have had good experiences at my hairdresser, dentist and one of our local restaurants, all this week. I agree, a mask is hot and a little disorienting, but the sacrifice is worth it. So glad you were able to go into your favorite Mexican restaurant. These little things bring such joy! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Aw, pinky finger tea time with grandgirlie!!! I love this. I gave Noa my childhood china tea set for Easter and we’ve been having tea time on Facetime every once in awhile!! We are still isolating and hoping …

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