Moving Stuff Around

We’ve been doing some reorganizing at this old house and moving stuff around to better fit spaces. Before I could grab my camera for some before shots Dear was already moving stuff. The table that is under the mirror in these shots that used to hold the stereo equipment got moved up to our sitting area off our master bedroom to hold our printer that came out of the spare oom.

This is our living room. We put the matching black short bookshelves under the windows on either side of the fireplace. These cabinets were in two separate rooms in our house before. The large mirror got moved kitty corner from where it was before. The antique library table was moved under the mirror and now has our stereo equipment on top of it. The bookshelves remained in place as did the china secretary that you can almost see in this next photo.

Since our little crawler is arriving today we moved a lot of stuff out of the living room like the tea cart, coffee table and small side tables into the Blue room so Addy has more room to roam safely. We bought a safety gate to block off the stairs that lead down to the front door and the basement. These items will return after the weekend.

We put that antique white cabinet in the garage for now because it just didn’t make sense to have it in this spare bedroom. The two tall bookshelves were in two separate rooms before and we decided to put them in here on either side of the little desk. We also moved the big office chair out and brought in a small folding chair that fits the desk better. We call this room the Spare Oom. You can see the printer that got moved out of here next to the desk in the before photo.

The small bookcase that was between these two tall bookcases in our second guest room that we call Katie’s room or the Blue room is now in the living room with it’s match on either side of the fireplace. The black dresser was moved from our master suite to finish off the look in this bedroom.

We’re happy with the changes. If and when we decide to sell this old house there will be more changes to fake buyers into thinking there’s more room, I mean staging.

Right now the pilot lights are on again and we’ve even had the heat on for the last couple mornings. Fall has arrived a few days early. We are hearing we’ll have another warm spell next week, though.

I’ll be scarce around blog land the next few days. Hope you all have a good weekend. I’m off and running!

Sloppy or Neat?

I was a little tired of the window coverings in our living room so I went from sloppy to neat and I think I’ll enjoy the new look. Nothing major but a nice change for my eye.

2014-02-26 panels

The new panels are on the right and the old look is on the left. I blew it and didn’t take clear photos of the old look before I took down the panels to replace them with the new more tailored look.

2014-02-26 panels1I went with very sheer panels because we like to have all the light we can come through into the room. The panels were very reasonably priced at Home Goods. I also got a new curtain rod that Dear has not had a chance to install yet. A set of 2 panels cost $14.99. I bought 4 panels, 2 for each side. The new curtain rod was $19.99. So for a little over $50.00 I have a new look. Do you have HomeGoods or HomeSense where you live? I have gotten some great products from this chain.

New look 001-001The old look…

new panels 001The New Look…

The thing that remains is that I take lousy photos of my front windows. Another thing that is different in the new look is the Blue Service Star flag/banner that you can see through the blinds. Our son in law is still actively deployed and that banner stays in the window until he returns from his deployment.

Have you changed something up at your place during this long Winter?

Before and After ~ Guest Room #2

This used to be our daughter Katie’s room before she got married and moved to North Carolina. We decided to re-decorate it making it into our second guest room. I’ve promised too show the process and results.

We started moving things around and moved some things out. We took our queen poster bed out of storage and bought new queen size mattresses to set it up. I had the quilt in the cupboard and since the colors of the walls in this room were blue and yellow we decided to decorate around the quilt. I bought a bed skirt, sheets, and quilted shams to complete the bed and moved the blue pillow from our other guest room. The white pillow shams were a steal at Goodwill in perfect shape for $1.99 each. The short bookcases went up into our master bedroom.

The bedside tables were part of the Queen Anne poster bed set that we purchased in the late 70’s. We moved the lamps from our master bedroom to this room. We washed the windows…oh so wonderful and crystal clear.

We brought in the two taller bookshelves that we moved from our condo in California. Next we started measuring and leveling for wall art. We switched this small desk with our larger home office work desk. We put this small desk in the other guest room which really opened up the space in there, too. We put the mirror in a horizontal position.

We aren’t interior decorators. Our decor has always worked around our comfort and re-purposing what we already have. Every now and again we buy something new that will work in with what we already have.

We moved more framed photos and art into the room from other rooms and storage.

We really are enjoying the new updated room and are looking forward to wedding company using the new space.

Katie arrives tonight for the 3 weeks we have till the wedding. We’ll be taking care of all the last minute details. I’m relaxing today because I know I’ll have very little time to sit around in the next 21 days.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and that you have a good week ahead of you. I’m saving my President’s Day Post for after President Washington’s birthday because Katie, my friend Beth and I are going to High Tea at the George Washington Inn in Sequim to celebrate and I’ll be sharing photos from our time there later in the week.

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Transitions in Mosaics…

We are in transition mode around this old house. One project seems to lead to another.

Although that tower CD holder held all our CD’s it was very hard to find the right CD looking sideways and very difficult for my failing close up reading abilities to read the titles of the CD’s on the bottom of the tower. Since we have room under the hearth we decided to go with these baskets to hold the CD’s. I can pull the baskets out and easily read the titles. Before Katie moved to North Carolina she alphabetized the CD’s in the tower by artist. I kept them that way when I switched them to the baskets.

I first put them in the center together but found out that this area gets warm from the fireplace so I put them on opposite sides. I also re-arranged the floral containers. I’m happy with these changes for now.

Soon I’ll be able to show you the redecorated Guest Room #2. Dear and our son Josh picked up new mattresses on Saturday and Laura and I put the bed linens on the bed. This was the first bed set Dear and I bought ourselves way back in the 70’s. We pulled out Katie’s old metal bunk bed and replaced it with our Queen Anne 4 poster bed. Stay tuned for the whole transition in the near future.

I’m also in process of creating a tablescape. These goblets are an odd shade of green/blue and I haven’t found the right fit for them on a table until yesterday. I’ll come up with the rest of the setting for later in the week.

We had a good productive weekend. Our pastor started a new series of messages today called “Desperate Days”. Judging from today’s message we are going to learn a lot.  Hope you are all doing well.

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The New Look…

…in our Living Room and entry area. Since I’m not showing you before photos you are just going to have to trust me that we moved some pieces around. Katie will be able to tell the difference from North Carolina!

We moved the piano next to the bookcases and under our old mirror.

The piano used to be where that library table with photographs on top is now. That antique white cabinet was not in that corner before. It used to be where this painting is in the area between the kitchen entry and Katie’s room.

As you can see our stuff is a mish mosh of styles and colors. We’ve been talking about staining this cabinet for years and always wondered why Dear’s dad antiqued it white.

We took a big heavy T.V. off this sofa table to Goodwill on Monday. Boy was it hard to get it into the car. I’m pleased to have it gone. It used to sit where the stereo equipment is now. I’m going to work on something to cover up the cords, etc. I can see that we’ll need to lower that painting a bit now that the T.V. is gone.

It would be nice if the white antique cabinet matched the secretary on the other side of the sofa.

Katie’s door is shut because that’s the room we are now working on to convert it into a second guest room. It will be after the wedding that the room will be ready because there are pieces of Katie’s furniture that she and Andrew hope to haul across the country. It is also on the master list to replace all the flooring in this old house. We are planning on wood floors in the entry, hall, and kitchen. We will re- install carpeting in the actual living room area. We’ve learned over the last several years what areas are heavy traffic and dirt areas so that’s where the wood floors will go.

Here’s our decorating downfall secret…we don’t decorate from scratch. I don’t think we’ve ever decorated a room from scratch. We’ve always had “hand me downs” that we’ve worked around. It really is a stretch to call it decorating. But it’s always been comfortable for us. Eclectic or Mama’s old stuff is another label you can put on it. For the record, I’m not complaining, I’m happy in our space. I hope you are comfortable in your space, too.

We are pleased with the changes we’ve made and feel it has really opened up the space.