The New Look…

…in our Living Room and entry area. Since I’m not showing you before photos you are just going to have to trust me that we moved some pieces around. Katie will be able to tell the difference from North Carolina!

We moved the piano next to the bookcases and under our old mirror.

The piano used to be where that library table with photographs on top is now. That antique white cabinet was not in that corner before. It used to be where this painting is in the area between the kitchen entry and Katie’s room.

As you can see our stuff is a mish mosh of styles and colors. We’ve been talking about staining this cabinet for years and always wondered why Dear’s dad antiqued it white.

We took a big heavy T.V. off this sofa table to Goodwill on Monday. Boy was it hard to get it into the car. I’m pleased to have it gone. It used to sit where the stereo equipment is now. I’m going to work on something to cover up the cords, etc. I can see that we’ll need to lower that painting a bit now that the T.V. is gone.

It would be nice if the white antique cabinet matched the secretary on the other side of the sofa.

Katie’s door is shut because that’s the room we are now working on to convert it into a second guest room. It will be after the wedding that the room will be ready because there are pieces of Katie’s furniture that she and Andrew hope to haul across the country. It is also on the master list to replace all the flooring in this old house. We are planning on wood floors in the entry, hall, and kitchen. We will re- install carpeting in the actual living room area. Weโ€™ve learned over the last several years what areas are heavy traffic and dirt areas so thatโ€™s where the wood floors will go.

Here’s our decorating downfall secret…we don’t decorate from scratch. I don’t think we’ve ever decorated a room from scratch. We’ve always had “hand me downs” that we’ve worked around. It really is a stretch to call it decorating. But it’s always been comfortable for us. Eclectic or Mama’s old stuff is another label you can put on it. For the record, I’m not complaining, I’m happy in our space. I hope you are comfortable in your space, too.

We are pleased with the changes we’ve made and feel it has really opened up the space.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

33 thoughts on “The New Look…

  1. I think it looks great. I used my wondrous furniture sliders yesterday and moved everything around…even the piano, by myself. We too, have inherited furniture mixed in with things we’ve bought over the years. I think it takes more talent to pull together a cozy home when you’re not buying all things new. And rest easy with your white cabinet. I have a friend who lives in a multi million dollar home, decorated by his mother, a famous designer, and they have all sorts of wood tones….all over the house, in each room. Happy day to you!

  2. I too love using “old” pieces of furniture in my decorating. To me it’s much cozier than the right out of the show room look. You did a great job and I love the way the carpet pulls it all together.

  3. Your home speaks “warmth”! Very nice! We are hoping and praying about moving to a higher elevation.. Not too far but would permit us to have more room..

  4. It looks very homey and comfortable, Ellen. Ah yes, I know just what you mean about using what we have and making it work, and really, it works very well. It’s always so satisfying to rearrange things to make a fresh new space…I’m doing it all the time, and also with things I’ve inherited along the way. That cabinet would look lovely stained but I also love it white…it mixes things up a bit.

    Who plays the piano in your house? Here it is only my Musician…sadly I am musically illiterate.

  5. I’m smiling at Katie and Leonard’s comments…..I so get them! This year I hope I can sit in that big comfy chair and enjoy a long visit with you:) I so regret selling my piano….I’m not good, but do enjoy playing for my own pleasure. I really like the mirror….and that cabinet is awesome! I like that you have a rug that pulls the room together…..we have said that is what we need. I feel that we are lacking the cozy feel….you got it! I like it!

  6. Looks great Mom B! You guys have done a lot of work! No matter how you do it, you always make a warm & inviting space. Love you!

  7. I like your style. I’ve never been a fan of ‘all new’ or what you call ‘from scratch’. I like rooms that look like they have history and are comfortable. There are no two matching pieces in our house except for the sofa and love seat that we bought in 1978 (and have reupholstered since then!) and our two Stress-less chairs. We have lots of hand-me-downs, auction finds, flea market finds and we are comfy!

  8. So make that a winter project, staining/painting the cabinet! You can do it!
    It looks nice and cozy. Yes, those old TV were monsters. No one will take them here, Goodwill, etc. So our went to the dump. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. I love it when you can take a few things, make a few changes and feel like it’s just you…and right in your budget and lifestyle…I sense that you have a room filled with books which tells me alot…Your style and design have been created over the years by your families needs and now you can once more change up things and feel so good about it.
    Who cares if the antique cupboard is white….?

  10. I like the changes you’ve made. I suppose that the antiqued piece could easily be darkened with some stain right over the top of it, if you like that look. It’s very popular right now. (I imagine that’s how it got antiqued white in the first place.) You have lovely windows and comfortable furniture and beautiful bookshelves filled with books…a perfectly cozy room.

  11. Decorating from scratch is highly overrated in my humble opinion. I love your welcoming, comfortable look and I’m always drooling over your bookshelves!

  12. So many beautiful details in your room. Honestly, I’m a fan of the mish mosh. I think the antiqued white cabinet actually adds a nice lightening detail to the room. But most importantly, glad to hear that you love the new space.

  13. I call your style cozy! I just want to curl up in that big chair in front of the fireplace, with one of those books! Love how you have worked around the ‘hand-me-downs’…I love pre-loved antiques. Have fun personalizing your nest!

  14. Wondering who plays the piano at your house? I find it interesting to ask that question when visiting people, I must have forgotten your answer!

    Also find it interesting when the answer is “No one”; getting rid of a huge unplayed piano to free up space seems to be the final taboo in America!

  15. Oops…just saw that Dear is not only your bartender but your piano player as well. Is there a tip jar on the piano for when he plays requests? Hee hee hee…

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