Transitions in Mosaics…

We are in transition mode around this old house. One project seems to lead to another.

Although that tower CD holder held all our CD’s it was very hard to find the right CD looking sideways and very difficult for my failing close up reading abilities to read the titles of the CD’s on the bottom of the tower. Since we have room under the hearth we decided to go with these baskets to hold the CD’s. I can pull the baskets out and easily read the titles. Before Katie moved to North Carolina she alphabetized the CD’s in the tower by artist. I kept them that way when I switched them to the baskets.

I first put them in the center together but found out that this area gets warm from the fireplace so I put them on opposite sides. I also re-arranged the floral containers. I’m happy with these changes for now.

Soon I’ll be able to show you the redecorated Guest Room #2. Dear and our son Josh picked up new mattresses on Saturday and Laura and I put the bed linens on the bed. This was the first bed set Dear and I bought ourselves way back in the 70’s. We pulled out Katie’s old metal bunk bed and replaced it with our Queen Anne 4 poster bed. Stay tuned for the whole transition in the near future.

I’m also in process of creating a tablescape. These goblets are an odd shade of green/blue and I haven’t found the right fit for them on a table until yesterday. I’ll come up with the rest of the setting for later in the week.

We had a good productive weekend. Our pastor started a new series of messages today called “Desperate Days”. Judging from today’s message we are going to learn a lot.  Hope you are all doing well.

Linking up with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

25 thoughts on “Transitions in Mosaics…

  1. I like the changes you’re making. The first bed that we bought 38 years ago is in our guest room – so nice to be using it again!

  2. I’m really enjoying my visits to the different areas of changes in your home. I’m de cluttering and changing things up a bit around here too….so the ideas and your energy are motivating me.
    One of our guest rooms is a mix of my parents ‘retired’ furniture and some of Scot’s furniture from his room as a boy. I love it.

  3. Whew…I’m so glad you moved the baskets. When you first mentioned putting them under the hearth my mind went to TO MUCH HEAT. Funny. We are getting rid of all of our CD’s. All the music is on computers so we’re going to share them with others. We have never been much for buying DVD’s so I don’t have many of them to go through.

    Our week holds a potential job interview for hubby. An old employed called and said they were looking for a Senior Engineer at his firm and God put hubby’s name to the forefront. Hoping it might be an answer for a better place to work. We’ll see. I’m going to jump back into purging this week while I’m praying for all the family and their job issues. And babies for some, godly men for others, new church homes for some, health issues, grieving issues…..the list is long, but it fills my time while I purge. Hope you have a grand week!

  4. That bedroom looks so restful! Like a nice place for a nap or to curl up with a good book! I am in the process of loading all of our cd’s onto the computer so that I pick and choose my favorite songs and make my own cds. But it’s a big task…we’ve got a lot of music.

  5. You have some great ideas, the baskets are a great idea for the CD’s. The bed linens are pretty. I would you have made some beautfiul changes. Great photos, have a wonderful week!

  6. It’s fun to change things up and January is a good month to do that. Your guest bedroom looks so restful and welcoming. Will be fun to see what else you do.

  7. This is a great time of year for changing things around the house. I like all of yours. Reading CD titles does become problematic these days the further from my nose they are!

  8. Desperate Days? Sounds intriguing! Isn’t it funny how something designed to be so functional really isn’t? I’m glad that you’ve found the answer in the baskets beneath the hearth. Hmmm, that even has a nice ring to it. ☺ You guys are really on a roll so I’m eager to see the bedrooms all decked out and ready for guests and the lovely changes you’re making in the rest of the house. It doesn’t look as if you’re leaving anything untouched.

  9. Fun to make changes and give your home a fresh look! I have been decluttering too, Mostly in my sewing room for now. But just today I bought more fabric! But most of it is for upcoming baby showers.


  10. Sure was a productive weekend, Ellen. Once you start the ball rolling it’s fun to do, isn’t it? And all the changes are nice. I love changing up things once in awhile.

  11. Nice, Ellen! I am hoping to get my basement cleaned up somehow so that we can actually use it as an additional sitting room if needed… seeing your house transformation inspires me. Heading back tomorrow.

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