Winter Sunshine!

I’m so enjoying some winter sunshine we are having today.

Our 2nd session of Bible Study started this morning and it was good to get back. Yesterday it was dry for a lot of the day so I got outside and did some much needed pruning. There still is a lot more pruning to accomplish but I feel good about what did get done. I had to stop when I lost the grip in my hand from cutting up all those branches.

So my siblings and I are looking into sending our parents on a cruise to Alaska. My mom let it out of the bag that she would really like to try a cruise. My dad let it out of the bag that he’d like to see glaciers. We are going back and forth on this. My parents are 88ish and will be 89ish soon. My mom has been using a walker to get around. Have any of you gone on an Alaskan cruise and what are your thoughts? I hear there are lots of mosquitoes in Alaska in the summer. Was that the case on the ship, too, when you reached Alaska? What happens at the ports? Is there good transportation to sights on land? Thank you in advance for your input.

I decided to add here that we are looking at a Charles Stanley Cruise in mid July. It would be right up my parents alley with Christian speakers and singing groups. Kind of like a Christian family camp atmosphere.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Winter Sunshine!

  1. I know you treasure your blue skies and sunshine up there.

    I’ve never been on a cruise so cannot advise you. But it sounds like a wonderful gift for them if the logistics turn out to be good.

  2. We had a gorgeous sunny day too. Snow tomorrow, so a big change is on the way. Sure is lovely to have sunny warmth for a while, though.

    About the cruise—-never been on one. My husband has been to Alaska a few times and loves it. Perhaps you and Dear need to accompany them on the cruise to make sure they’re well cared for. Good excuse, eh?

  3. My friend, Vee, suggested that I come and visit with you about your Alaska inquiry. Since your parents have special needs, I recommend that you talk to a travel agent. We just used one who lives in Washington state. We worked with her recently in the booking with a small boat tour company. Her name is Mary Fitzgerald and she works for Time Travel – She is quite a dear and helped take care of all of our details, including extra night lodgings and plane reservations. We did everything by phone calls and e-mails. Easy-peasy.

    A small boat cruise would NOT be a good idea for for your parents. Though you get to see spectacular scenery that the big boats don’t see, the small boats are not equipped for special needs. There are no elevators, for example. But a good tour company rep would know which big cruise lines provide handicap accommodations and have good itineraries.

    With all that out of the way, I want to say how absolutely wonderful it would be if you could sponsor your parents on this kind of trip of a lifetime!!! And how sporting of them to want to go!!! Alaska is one of those magical places that just doesn’t quite seem real. It’s so BIG! And gorgeous. We went on a small boat cruise back in 1995, but will be doing it again this next summer. After all, we have digital camera now, LOL!

  4. Oh, I forgot to answer your other questions. Yes, mosquitoes are quite bad in Alaska. They are known as the state bird by the residents, LOL. But they are not bothersome while cruising out on the water. If you travel into swampy areas away from the docks, then it is prudent to use a feet product. We like a solid product that you can apply like a solid deodorant. Less messy!

    And the cruise lines arrange for shore excursions. The big boat companies usually charge extra fees for such shore excursions. They are well worth it, however, because they take care of the transportation details for you. Trying to flag a cab or rent a car at one of these small coastal towns is not practical. Be sure to ask the travel agent about shore excursions offered by the cruise lines.

  5. Golly, I said “feet” product. That should have been “deet” product. I’m not totally insane. Just partially. And very dependent upon spell-checking functions…

  6. My H and I and my sister and her husband, went to Alaska with my Dad, my BIL’s mom and aunt who were all in their mid 80s. The two ladies had some mobiity issues but got along very well.
    I’d strongly recommend a Holland America ship. They have a European flair and there are more mature-aged people traveling on HA ship than on a Carnival or Princess. The crew are very good with the elderly. There are classical music concerts and afternoon tea.
    You can see most of the glaciers right from the ship’s rail and they have national park rangers on board to give everyone as much information as possible on the glaciers and wildlife.
    Why don’t you do as we did and go along? I guarantee you’ll love every minute. Plus there is the perk of spending time with your parents. Something you’ll never regret.
    We went at the end of June – there were no mosquitoes then although because it was a late spring that year we did encounter some rain. Otherwise it was fabulous. I’ve hear that the end of August is also a good time to go.
    We flew to Anchorage and then caught the ship for a week’s cruise back.

  7. I agree with Bev, Holland America would be a good choice. They also have very reseasonable rates. We went Aug.22 – Sept 5, not a mosquito to be found. It rained at least 9 of our 14 days so have them dress with layers.

  8. We have been pruning on these nice days too…..I think this may last till Saturday:)
    The cruise sounds lovely….they are real gamers at their age!

  9. We cruised to Alaska via Norwegian a couple of years ago in late July. It was unseasonably wet and rainy, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. We didn’t encounter any mosquitoes at all, maybe because of the rain. I’m a mosquito magnet though, so if they’d been around, I’d have known. I concur with the others about Holland America…I think the crowd may be more mature and there’d be less hoopla with children for them to deal with. I really think you should go along, if at all possible. The ships are huge and can be a little confusing to get around on. You could find out what they want to do, help them get there, and if you like, sneak away for a nap, or a massage. Come to think of it, if you can’t go…send me!

  10. My parents took an Alaskan Cruise and loved it. They went in May and their only complaint was that it was colder than they expected (it is Alaska!). There were lots of people their age and Holland America took good care of them. I’d recommend Holland America.

  11. Whatever you choose will be great, I’m sure! I prefer warm weather, but if your dad wants to see glaciers, hhmm… he may not mind cold. You could take a short warm cruise and on another trip bring them up to Canada and drive to Jasper in summer. Beautiful, too!

  12. How exciting for your parents Ellen! We went in September on a Holland America cruise out of Seattle. I think we were the only people under 80! I’ve never seen so many walkers and wheelchairs, except at Kaiser hospital….. They will help with choices of excursions. The Charles Stanley group sounds good. Yes, it would be fun to go with them!

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