Winter Sunshine!

I’m so enjoying some winter sunshine we are having today.

Our 2nd session of Bible Study started this morning and it was good to get back. Yesterday it was dry for a lot of the day so I got outside and did some much needed pruning. There still is a lot more pruning to accomplish but I feel good about what did get done. I had to stop when I lost the grip in my hand from cutting up all those branches.

So my siblings and I are looking into sending our parents on a cruise to Alaska. My mom let it out of the bag that she would really like to try a cruise. My dad let it out of the bag that he’d like to see glaciers. We are going back and forth on this. My parents are 88ish and will be 89ish soon. My mom has been using a walker to get around. Have any of you gone on an Alaskan cruise and what are your thoughts? I hear there are lots of mosquitoes in Alaska in the summer. Was that the case on the ship, too, when you reached Alaska? What happens at the ports? Is there good transportation to sights on land? Thank you in advance for your input.

I decided to add here that we are looking at a Charles Stanley Cruise in mid July. It would be right up my parents alley with Christian speakers and singing groups. Kind of like a Christian family camp atmosphere.