Sloppy or Neat?

I was a little tired of the window coverings in our living room so I went from sloppy to neat and I think I’ll enjoy the new look. Nothing major but a nice change for my eye.

2014-02-26 panels

The new panels are on the right and the old look is on the left. I blew it and didn’t take clear photos of the old look before I took down the panels to replace them with the new more tailored look.

2014-02-26 panels1I went with very sheer panels because we like to have all the light we can come through into the room. The panels were very reasonably priced at Home Goods. I also got a new curtain rod that Dear has not had a chance to install yet. A set of 2 panels cost $14.99. I bought 4 panels, 2 for each side. The new curtain rod was $19.99. So for a little over $50.00 I have a new look. Do you have HomeGoods or HomeSense where you live? I have gotten some great products from this chain.

New look 001-001The old look…

new panels 001The New Look…

The thing that remains is that I take lousy photos of my front windows. Another thing that is different in the new look is the Blue Service Star flag/banner that you can see through the blinds. Our son in law is still actively deployed and that banner stays in the window until he returns from his deployment.

Have you changed something up at your place during this long Winter?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Sloppy or Neat?

  1. Your new look adds tranquility to your room. Changing things up just a little makes everything feel fresh, I find. Haven’t done anything yet, but I am eyeing some corners.

  2. Wow…that really made a big difference! Looks great! The nearest Home Goods we have is in Atlanta. Sure wish we had one closer. We have TJ Maxx which is a Home Goods with clothes…mostly clothes.

  3. It’s beautiful Ellen! You inspire me – have been thinking of painting our bedroom recently (it’s been a few decades – eek). Maybe I should start with taking some “before” pictures to help me get started?

  4. Sometimes just a simple change really freshens up not only our home decor but also our own attitudes towards it. I really like what you’ve done, and also the price! I’ve been spending some time in the local Home Goods store too lately. So much there to be creative with if the mood strikes.

  5. Looks good! We have HG here, but they don’t carry much in the way of curtains.
    I am working on the dining room French door. I made the last ones, but it was time for a change. It is the only light in the room, so I want to be careful!

  6. Your new look is very chic and modern, Ellen. You get so much beautiful light. I still have up the window treatments that the previous owner left behind. They are not to my taste, but I have not had time to look into getting new ones, as yet. I will have to find a Home Goods store here and get some inspiration! I love that store’s prices!

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