Outside Again…

It has been ages since I joined in on A Southern Daydreamer’s Outside Wednesday Meme but low and behold I was finally able to spend some time outside yesterday. The sun was shining and the temps got up over 40 degrees. I had a good time walking about the yard and noticing what was budding or blooming.

buds 006

The first thing I noticed was that my shrubs next to my Hellebore (Lenten Rose) were growing over it.

buds 004I headed to the garage to get my nifty trimmers and set out to free the top of the Hellebore from the shrub next to it.

buds 007

This is always the first sign that Spring is coming in my yard. I love how gentle and humble this pretty plant is.

buds 008

buds 009

buds 010

buds 011

buds 012

buds 013After I freed and enjoyed my Lenten Rose I moved over to the Camelia Bushes to take a photo of the buds on them.

buds 014Hydrangeas are shooting out their buds, too.

buds 016I’m really excited about these buds which are only two of many on my lilac bush. Last year I only had one bloom so it looks as if I’ll have more than one bloom this year.

Have you been able to be outside this week or are you still covered in a blanket of snow? I suppose if snow is your general landscape in the winter you know how to go out and about in it and enjoy it to the fullest, too. Looking forward to see if I can catch up with some old bloggy friends that I haven’t visited for a while. What’s new in your outdoors?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “Outside Again…

  1. We’re still snowy here but you reminded me that I haven’t seen any blooms on my Hellebore. I’ll have to go see why not! Beautiful pictures Ellen and I loved your description of it as a humble plant. Suits it to a tee.

  2. Hi Ellen! It looks like we had similar days. Your Lenten Rose is a beauty! Thanks for checking in! I am going to try and keep up a bit more. πŸ™‚ I miss the old haunts!

  3. Beautiful…especially the Lenten Rose! Everything back home is safely covered with a blanket of snow…but I’m enjoying the great outdoors of southern California and the blooms in the dessert.

  4. A very thick blanket of snow with more coming, but let us discuss your beautiful lenten roses. I remember them from previous years and always enjoy seeing them. I keep thinking that I’ll have some one year…

  5. Ellen, I visited our Red Butte garden looking to see if snowdrops and Lenten Roses were blooming, the last “look-see” thinking of you and your garden’s beauties. The snowdrops were up and blooming everywhere while the Lenten Roses had not even broken ground yet.
    The had better get going if they plan on adorning the entire Lenten season around here!

  6. Beautiful photos! My helleborus is beginning to bloom soon. We had only a little snow in Germany (last year was many, still in April), but for Camelia our winters are to cold…
    Have a nice spring time

  7. Ellen, we haven’t had snow, but we also haven’t had any weather warm enough to get outside. How wonderful to have that opportunity, and I’m so glad you shared these beautiful photographs. laurie

  8. Looks like spring is coming to your place! It’s been warm here, so I have spotted a few buds and a jonquil or two. But it has turned cold again…40 right now at 3:00pm! Georgia!!

  9. Your header is absolutely amazing! Lovely blooms. Our buds are hidden under tons of snow and ice right now. 13 above in the Chicagoland area with winds that can blow a hoodie right off that protected head. Fingers are so cold even inside a glove. Like the weather you are having much better than here.
    JM Illinois

  10. I’ve actually forgotten that the Hellebores should be blooming soon! With the ice storm predicted tomorrow, I better go check on them today! Great photos. πŸ™‚

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