Home Again, home again…

…jiggity jig!

Hang in there as I have a lot to share from the last several days. Today we drove through approximately 356 miles of smoke filled skies from Colville to our home in Western Washington. It was a hard traveling day with nothing to see on the horizon but smoke. I hope to be back online and at the top of my game soon. We had so much fun with our little grand girlie. Praying for all the fires that are not contained, for the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and now Irma barreling down on us. Here’s a sweet photo of the little one we enjoyed…

Her fresh lungs are being challenged by the very unhealthy air quality because of all the fires and the smoke that has no where to go. Please pray for some relief soon. Thank you!

St. Joseph Church – Leavenworth

leavenworth 017I was attracted to the Russian onion dome steeple. We walked up to the church but there was no information for us to see. When I researched it I didn’t find much information until I came upon Susanne Wilson’s blog.

leavenworth 018

leavenworth 029

leavenworth 028Suzanne Wilson has some great information on her blog “Churches on Sundays” about this church and it’s history. It is no longer used as a church but the owners of Pension Anna (a hotel) moved this abandoned church adjacent to their hotel and named it the Old Chapel Suite.  I’m glad it has been preserved.

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