The River Wye, Hereford

hereford 092

hereford 102

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hereford 105

hereford 106If you click on this link you can read about this “exact replica of this Hereford Bull”  that was donated to the city.

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From Hereford and Ross-on-Wye we traveled East to spend a night in Henley-on-Thames and then our two last nights in Windsor, England. I’m working hard on wrapping up the posts of our wonderful time in Jolly Old England.


Inside Hereford

hereford 017

hereford 015

hereford 022The Silver Gilt Corona was designed by Simon Beer and installed in 1992. It holds 14 candles and which represent the 14 deaneries in the diocese. The design symbolizes Christ’s crown of thorns and his crown of glory.

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There are always so many wonderful details to see in a Cathedral. It can be overwhelming to your senses and there is no way to take it all in on one visit.

I’m moving along with my England posts. I have one more for Hereford that includes a Hereford Bull. We also finally made it to the River Wye which is a long curling river. When in this part of England and Wales we stayed in Ross-on-Wye and visited Hay-on-Wye and finally crossed over the river Wye on foot while in Hereford.

I do enjoy Autumn and am happy to welcome October. Hope all is well in your October world.

Gates ~ Hereford Cathedral

For Good Fences which also includes Gates here are some beauties from the inside and outside of Hereford Cathedral in Hereford, England. In the next few posts I’ll show more architectural wonder from this amazing structure.

hereford 014Dear and I visited the town of Hereford on a Sunday in July and we really enjoyed our visit to the Cathedral.

hereford 059

hereford 060

hereford 076

hereford 077These gates were the entrance to the beautiful cloisters courtyard.

hereford 079

hereford 088

hereford 078

hereford 080

hereford 082hereford 081We made the mistake of visiting this cathedral on Sunday instead of a weekday or Saturday when the Chained Library is open and the Mappa Mundi exhibition is open for viewing. Arrgh! I was very disappointed. The other thing that we missed was a good meal at the Cathedral Cloister Cafe. We did enjoy the amazing history and architecture and beauty throughout the cathedral!

 Thank you to TexWisGirl from Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting this weekly meme.

Cheers from England ~ Day #10

After today we only have three full days left in England. It’s moving day on Monday again. On this Sunday we had our first bad planning travel day. We traveled to Hereford to see the cathedral and the Chained Library and the Mappa Mundi but alas those rooms/exhibits are closed on Sunday. We were able to walk around the Cathedral so all was not lost.hereford 012We are considering changing our route to Henley-on-Thames on Monday so we can travel back to Hereford to see the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi.

hereford 014Dear is representing the home team jersey in honor of the Seattle Sounders playing the Portland Timbers this evening in Seattle. While in Hereford we walked to the River Wye and crossed the Wye Bridge since we hadn’t seen the river since arriving in Ross-on-Wye and traveling to Hay-on-Wye.

hereford 102This old bridge has some history of it’s own.

hereford 092

hereford 112Heading back to the Spiral Cottage via B4224, a road with a white stripe down the middle, thank you very much, we had to stop at the Bunch of Carrots Inn for a little refreshment.

hereford 008

hereford 121We really have been blessed with some great weather while we’ve been in England. We are in for the evening and we will be watching the World Cup Final game on the telly. Hope your weekend is coming to a good end.

Cheers From England ~ Day #8

Today is Friday and it was moving day for us. We moved from our quiet sprawling cottage in the Cotswolds to a small 2 story cottage near Ross on Wye. We are just off a B road so this little spot will be a little noisier during the day. On the way to our new location we stopped in Bourton on the Water and in Gloucester to visit the cathedral and The Tailor of Gloucester Beatrix Potter shop close to the cathedral.

Bourton-Gloucester 004Bourton on the Water

gloucester cathedral 027Gloucester Cathedral

After we spent some time in the cathedral that was magnificent we found the Beatrix Potter shop and made a little purchase and then headed to our second lodging spot close to Ross on Wye. We got settled in and headed to Ross to find a bite to eat. We ate at a cafe and made at stop at the butcher for sausages and the supermarket for eggs, bread, tomatoes, and mushrooms as we’ve missed our traditional breakfasts the last few mornings. We are now relaxing in the wee cottage.

gloucester cathedral 072The view from our upstairs bedroom window looking east. Not too shabby!

And here are the stairs I will have to navigate if I need to use the facilities in the middle of the night…oh my…

gloucester cathedral 078I’ll let you know how it goes. We have two areas we want to explore while we are in this part of England and time will tell which towns we will visit first.

We are in touch with family and friends via the internet and so thankful that we have that luxury being across the world from them. So much happens when we are apart and it’s good to be able to communicate daily if we need to. I specifically chose places that offered free wifi and am very glad I did since I do not use my cell internationally. We’ve heard that Heathrow security is confiscating cell phones if the batteries are dead so I will need to turn my cell phone on airplane mode before we hit security to make sure they can see that my battery is just fine.

We also hear the the temps in at our old house in Washington State are hitting the 90’s this weekend. Maybe it will stunt my grass and weeds from growing too much while we are gone. How are things going in your neck of the woods. Speaking of woods we are close to the Forest of Dean.