We’ve never ever seen as many swans as when we are traveling in England.

Along the river Thames we enjoyed seeing quite a few.

This was a feeding frenzy. You are able to buy bags of food for the swans along the riverfront in Windsor.

Close to this swan swimming along with it’s cygnet we saw another swan who had ruffled it’s feathers.

I’m guessing it thought these Canadian Geese were getting too close.

hereford 095We also saw these Swans and Cygnets on the River Wye.

hereford 097I’m linking to ABC Wednesday for S is for Swans. Thank you Denise Nesbitt and the hard working ABC Team! As we are nearing the end of the alphabet yet again it’s time reveal new logo designed by Troy. You’ll have to click on over and see the fabulous new logo for Round Sixteen! Thank you Troy!

This week I’m getting my swans ducks in a row since we’re having our Thanksgiving feast this Saturday. Our middle son and his girlfriend are coming for the weekend so lots of plans are afoot. Hope to get around and see everyone in between my preparations. Can you believe we are in the second half of November already!!??

Ross on Wye ~

Our second self-catering experience in England was in Ross-on-Wye. It was so different from our first cottage experience. The amenities were more modern overall and the location was on a “B” road so there was traffic and easier access to other major roads. The River Wye is the fifth-longest river in the UK, stretching some 130 miles from source to sea. For much of its length the river forms part of the border between England and Wales. Ross-on-Wye was in England and from this location we would travel to Hay-on-Wye in Wales and to Hereford.

gloucester cathedral 078

2014-07-13 hereford1That spiral staircase took us up to the bedroom. We were happy to have a night light to help us find the bathroom which was on the main floor.

2014-07-11 gloucester cathedral1

2014-07-11 gloucester cathedral2The views from the back of our little 2 story apartment were delightful.

Hay on Wye 002I still have several posts from our time in England…can you believe it?

Things keep moving ahead here at this old house with bathroom renovations. We have one more piece of baseboard to be delivered by the renovation company and we will never have to see them again. A job promised to be done in two weeks has taken nine weeks to complete. Yes…we are fed up with them. But soon with Dear’s expertise and fixes the bathroom will be ready to show to you all. Dear is also progressing with the siding.  I’m happy to be home this weekend, the last weekend of summer!

What are you doing this last weekend of Summer!?

Cheers from England ~ Day #10

After today we only have three full days left in England. It’s moving day on Monday again. On this Sunday we had our first bad planning travel day. We traveled to Hereford to see the cathedral and the Chained Library and the Mappa Mundi but alas those rooms/exhibits are closed on Sunday. We were able to walk around the Cathedral so all was not lost.hereford 012We are considering changing our route to Henley-on-Thames on Monday so we can travel back to Hereford to see the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi.

hereford 014Dear is representing the home team jersey in honor of the Seattle Sounders playing the Portland Timbers this evening in Seattle. While in Hereford we walked to the River Wye and crossed the Wye Bridge since we hadn’t seen the river since arriving in Ross-on-Wye and traveling to Hay-on-Wye.

hereford 102This old bridge has some history of it’s own.

hereford 092

hereford 112Heading back to the Spiral Cottage via B4224, a road with a white stripe down the middle, thank you very much, we had to stop at the Bunch of Carrots Inn for a little refreshment.

hereford 008

hereford 121We really have been blessed with some great weather while we’ve been in England. We are in for the evening and we will be watching the World Cup Final game on the telly. Hope your weekend is coming to a good end.