Gates ~ Hereford Cathedral

For Good Fences which also includes Gates here are some beauties from the inside and outside of Hereford Cathedral in Hereford, England. In the next few posts I’ll show more architectural wonder from this amazing structure.

hereford 014Dear and I visited the town of Hereford on a Sunday in July and we really enjoyed our visit to the Cathedral.

hereford 059

hereford 060

hereford 076

hereford 077These gates were the entrance to the beautiful cloisters courtyard.

hereford 079

hereford 088

hereford 078

hereford 080

hereford 082hereford 081We made the mistake of visiting this cathedral on Sunday instead of a weekday or Saturday when the Chained Library is open and the Mappa Mundi exhibition is open for viewing. Arrgh! I was very disappointed. The other thing that we missed was a good meal at the Cathedral Cloister Cafe. We did enjoy the amazing history and architecture and beauty throughout the cathedral!

 Thank you to TexWisGirl from Run*A*Round Ranch for hosting this weekly meme.

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19 thoughts on “Gates ~ Hereford Cathedral

    • We didn’t see any real Hereford’s that day but I did get a couple photos of the model bull in Hightown that Glyn mentioned that I’ll feature in one of my future posts…

  1. Delighted you were able to visit and sorry you were not able to see the exhibition, though an excellent excuse to come back and see us again!
    And Jody, we even have a model bull in High Town – lots of great brown and whites throughout the county – would you expect other!
    Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust

  2. Aren’t the gates and ironwork beautiful? Love the way the ironworkers of the past weren’t content just to build a functional thing, but also wanted to dress it up and make it beautiful. Thanks for sharing. xoxox

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