Cheers From England ~ Day #8

Today is Friday and it was moving day for us. We moved from our quiet sprawling cottage in the Cotswolds to a small 2 story cottage near Ross on Wye. We are just off a B road so this little spot will be a little noisier during the day. On the way to our new location we stopped in Bourton on the Water and in Gloucester to visit the cathedral and The Tailor of Gloucester Beatrix Potter shop close to the cathedral.

Bourton-Gloucester 004Bourton on the Water

gloucester cathedral 027Gloucester Cathedral

After we spent some time in the cathedral that was magnificent we found the Beatrix Potter shop and made a little purchase and then headed to our second lodging spot close to Ross on Wye. We got settled in and headed to Ross to find a bite to eat. We ate at a cafe and made at stop at the butcher for sausages and the supermarket for eggs, bread, tomatoes, and mushrooms as we’ve missed our traditional breakfasts the last few mornings. We are now relaxing in the wee cottage.

gloucester cathedral 072The view from our upstairs bedroom window looking east. Not too shabby!

And here are the stairs I will have to navigate if I need to use the facilities in the middle of the night…oh my…

gloucester cathedral 078I’ll let you know how it goes. We have two areas we want to explore while we are in this part of England and time will tell which towns we will visit first.

We are in touch with family and friends via the internet and so thankful that we have that luxury being across the world from them. So much happens when we are apart and it’s good to be able to communicate daily if we need to. I specifically chose places that offered free wifi and am very glad I did since I do not use my cell internationally. We’ve heard that Heathrow security is confiscating cell phones if the batteries are dead so I will need to turn my cell phone on airplane mode before we hit security to make sure they can see that my battery is just fine.

We also hear the the temps in at our old house in Washington State are hitting the 90’s this weekend. Maybe it will stunt my grass and weeds from growing too much while we are gone. How are things going in your neck of the woods. Speaking of woods we are close to the Forest of Dean.


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Cheers From England ~ Day #8

  1. You may not have anything to drink after supper. = D Those stairs. Yikes! Otherwise, what a charming place with a beautiful view. You’re making me curious about the places you are visiting.

  2. This is all so fun – travelling with you two! What a sweet little cottage and amazing view! The cathedral and the bridge view are simply charming!

  3. Hi, Ellen. I wonder if you read Susan Branch’s blog. She went to England last year and wrote a book that was basically her trip journal with by-hand illustrations, photos, and memorabilia, called A Fine Romance. It’s darling. But the reason I mention it is that she has such a love for Beatrix Potter and enjoyed going to her house so much–you reminded me of that.
    I haven’t heard what the reason for your trip was–whether you are meeting someone or just sight-seeing or having an anniversary, etc. I probably missed it in an earlier blog. I do love your travel journals, and you found some lovely places to stay in!
    Keep having fun!

    • Holly, I bought Susan’s book and enjoyed it thoroughly. So many of her experiences were so similar to ours. She really pictured England for Americans quite well. The reason for our trip is to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Although our anniversary is in December we wanted to travel in a better weather month. Our first time in England together was in the summer of 1973. The summer of 1974 we were in England again with our Christian rock band and that summer dear and I were engaged and planning our wedding in December. Lots of good memories here. I started my Beatrix Potter figurine collection the summer of 1973 when they were still affordable. I won’t be bringing home a new figurine this time around as the prices are too high for me. Thank you!

  4. What a beautiful and modern suite you’re staying in, definitely shatters my impressions of English B&B. And this the ‘2 storey cottage’? And the view. Wow!

    • Hi Arti, These self catering cottages that we chose for part of our trip do not serve breakfast or anything. They are like a home away from home where you take care of your own needs. They supply the very minimum and let you augment what you want to make your stay enjoyable.

  5. wow – Very nice! You’ve done your homework on picking great places to stay. We’re looking at adding Scotland to our trip – Isle of Skye specifically. Heard of it?

  6. Love your first photo..and your new ‘home’ is fun and modern. Quit different from what I would expect in England. I can see that researching things for a trip like this would be a must….and you have all the details covered. Enjoy the last of your holiday.

  7. That view from your new bedroom is SO pretty!!! I’m sure you’re going to love this place just as much as the first one! I would love to be able to wake up to a view like that each day!

    You’re lucky to not be in the weather we’ve been having here. Yesterday it was so muggy out that I actually thought I could wring out my clothes!!!

    Have fun!

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