Cheers from England/Wales ~ Day #9

Our sunrise view from the upstairs bedroom in what we have decided to call the Spiral Cottage. We were up with the birds this morning as they serenaded daybreak for us. We have a large push out sky window above our heads while we sleep and we decided to keep it open and enjoy the breeze. We were hoping that no bats would decide to fly in and our hopes were realized! I’m also happy to report that there have been no mishaps on the spiral staircase!Hay on Wye 002Today, Saturday, our sight seeing took us on a drive to Southern Wales, Hay on Wye. Hay on Wye is known for their second hand book shops. Hay hosts an annual literary festival that thousands flock to.

Hay on Wye 039“Hay” is a small town with narrow streets and lots of options for eating and shopping. There is a castle that was destroyed during the 15th century but parts of it remain to this day.

We shopped about and only bought one book, a Dorothy Sayers paperback. Our other purchases were mostly from the town flea market and some antique stores. We enjoyed a very good cup of coffee along with a scone served with clotted cream and strawberry jam while we were in town.

2014-07-12 Hay on WyeThe views were lovely wherever we looked. Thankfully the lanes driving to Hay-on-Wye were manageable and I only felt like screaming once or maybe twice.

Hay on Wye 018We stopped at the supermarket after our day of sight seeing and shopping and bought some take away food to prepare at the cottage. I so enjoy the descriptions of the ready to warm up food.

“Succulent British lamb on the bone, smothered in a rich italian red wine and redcurrrant gravy, served on a bed of sweet red onions, tender carrots and parsnips.  Minted green brocolli, savoy cabbage, sweet leeks, and tender green beans with a melting fragrant mint butter glaze to cook up in the oven and microwave. Here’s the description of the potatoes…silky smooth mashed British Maris Piper potato blended with double cream and plenty of butter for a creamy melt in the mouth texture.

2014-07-12 take away dinne Filling and delicious!

I’m hearing from back home that things are sizzling. We had some humidity today in the Welsh Marshes and it is suppose to rain some tonight but they are promising barbecuing weather for tomorrow. Hope all is well with you…


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Cheers from England/Wales ~ Day #9

  1. What a lovely food description! Looks yummy, too. Glad that the spiral stairs are not a problem.

    Such pretty views and your comment about screaming made me laugh. I try to keep my screaming to once, no more than twice, when driving with John on “normal” roads. Ha!

    Keep having fun!

  2. That ready-to-warm-up food looks amazing! Love that you two get to have these fun times together in such a wonderful place. 🙂 Love you, Auntie and Uncle!

  3. I was oohing and ahhing as I read about the village with the second hand bookstores (swoon) and then about the coffee and scone and clotted cream and jam…and then stopped and laughed at your line about feeling like screaming “only once or maybe twice”! Like Vee, that is a good goal for me on a good day! 😀

  4. I’ve certainly been enjoying your posts from England though haven’t had the tim to comment on each. You sound like your having an absolutely lovely time

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! Hay sounds like a lovely place to visit and oh, the scone and clotted cream – how divine! The Brits do know how to use flowery language when describing food or anything for that matter! I’ve been so intrigued with your minted veggies and have been trying it here at home – so good! You are probably just getting up now and we are finally hitting our pillows after a nephew’s “Buck and Doe” party! Have another wonderful day!

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