Hot Thrifty Buys!

Sunday we link up over at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality with our Thrifty buys that we’ve found at Garage/Yard Sales or Thrift Shops. Thanks Rhoda!

I’m a consistent Thrift store shopper. Once in a while Dear and I will stop at a Garage Sale. This Saturday was really hot in Southern California…in the 100’s in a lot of spots. We stopped at a few sales but the heat just got us down. We were happy to stop our searches because at our very first spot we bought this beauty!


The vinyl is in such good shape. The metal can use some work, though.

This is a nostalgia piece for me. Do I have a spot for it?….no. Do I have a red kitchen?…no. But for $10.00 I wasn’t leaving it behind.

On our way to Oxnard to see if we could find garage sales by the ocean where it might be cooler we spotted a Spud Nuts Donut Shop! The car automatically drove into the parking lot and this lovely got eaten up by moi! A very light raised iced donut! I felt like I was 5 again.


We didn’t have any luck in Oxnard so we headed to Ventura. After stopping at a few more sales braving the beating hot sun we saw this hole in the wall spot that a lot of middle-aged and older people were stopping at. We knew it was probably a great spot for good Mexican food. Johnny’s Mexican Food on Ventura Ave. in Ventura.

Cars kept driving up and we asked people who had been coming here for 30 years what they were going to order. We took some recommendations and were not disappointed. We were still hot and now very thirsty so we headed down Main St. in Ventura for one of these…

A Pierpont IPA at Anacapa Brewing Company. Very refreshing on a hot summer day. We headed home via a produce stand and bought  fresh white corn to bbq for dinner along with lamb chops. But wait this is suppose to be about thrifty treasures not food even though the white corn was 5 ears for a $1.00!

Last Saturday when it was way cooler out we stopped at a church bazaar and I bought this pair of candlesticks for $2 and this wooden sign for $1.00


On Friday my bloggy friend Willow and I went  thrift store shopping in Oxnard, Ca. All my buys were linens.


The bright Veggie label design tablecloth was $1.95. The doilies were $1.95 for all 4. The sets of napkins were 1.95 for 6 of the blue bordered ones, 95 cents for the 4 off white with little green triangles and $2.00 for the 8 red ones.


I really liked this Americana table runner and it cost 95 cents.

I’m so happy my computer has been working ok for a day that I’m posting this way early and I hope my computer continues to behave and I’ll be able to get around to see everyones treasures. Have a great week everyone…

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

Friday’s Fave Five ~ Beat the Heat Style…

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five where we look back over the last week and remember our favorite things. Please visit the lovely Susanne in Canada at Living to Tell the Story to join in the fun!


Even though it’s hard to think about anything but the heat here in the Pacific Northwest I’m pushing myself to change the subject a little. So onward and upward to my favorites from this past week.

1. On Saturday after reuniting with my walking buddies on our 6 mile walk Jody and Dave picked me up for a West Coast Reception for a friend of ours who got married on the East Coast in June. It was so much fun to see former church friends that we hadn’t seen for a while and to catch up a little. It felt like a 10 year reunion.

2. On Sunday I met my kids at their church and went out for brunch afterwards with them and Grandma Wilma to the Maltby Cafe, home of the ginormous cinnamon rolls. Josh and Laura spent the rest of the afternoon at our house and it is always so much fun to listen to the fun and laughter the 4 of our kids have over a board game. This time they pulled out Risk.

3. The heat came in and my absolute favorite thing has been our fans!! I know it’s hard for people from hotter regions to understand our whining about the heat but because of our more typical mild climate very few homes in Washington have air conditioning. The other cooling favorites have been Popsicles! Today I bought an inflatable mattress to put in the basement so I can sleep more comfortably down where it is generally 10 -15 degrees cooler. Of course I looked just like this model on the bed last night…LOL!


4. I have also enjoyed planning a whirlwind trip for my husband, daughter and me to Vancouver Island next Tuesday. I like planning and investigating the details for a trip.

5. Tonight Dear arrives from Southern California. We will enjoy the next 2 weeks in the Northwest together and then we will drive back to Southern California together on August 15th. I’m looking forward to our time together here.

6. My extra favorite is all the fun hours I’ve had leisurely shopping at Goodwills here who have very good air conditioning. I’m going to blame my purchases this week on the unbearable heat!!

Good news! I woke up this morning cold in the basement and went upstairs to my bedroom at 5:00 am and crawled into bed and even covered up with the blanket to get warm!! There’s a cool breeze blowing this morning and the house is all cooled down, yippee!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Hot, Hot, Hot!


Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head…


At 6:00 am it was already in the 70’s according to my outdoor thermometer. Boy is it ugly…I’m going to have to keep my eye out at Goodwill and see if I can pick up a thermometer that’s a little more trendy and not a throwback from the 70’s!! But back to my other woes. Besides the heat, Verizon is putting Fios in our neighborhood, so all this heavy noisy equipment is right on or next to my yard. The guys start before 8:00 am and the equipment is so loud they converse by yelling. Because of the heat every window in my house is open so there is no getting away from the noise.

I have no other choice friends besides sitting in a cool bathtub with ear plugs in, so I’m going shopping and eating at the air-conditioned mall. I figure I can pace myself and I’ve come up with an old song with new lyrics…

“Shop a little, eat a little, shop a little, eat a little, shop shop shop eat a lot eat a little, little” Can anyone recognize that song?

I’ll give you a big hint “Pick a little, talk a little” (from The Music Man)…

I know my friends in Clovis, Sacramento, Arizona, Southern California, and Texas put up with this kind of heat a lot but it’s just out of place in Western Washington and a LOT of us do not have air conditioning…

Hope you stay cool wherever you are today!