Summer is Waning…

Happy to see these end of summer photos.

It’s been a couple days since these photos were taken and our blue skies have been obscured by smoke. A few fires have erupted in our county and neighboring counties that have affected the air quality. Local restaurants are feeding the fire fighters and there is an Incident Command Center at the junior high parking lot next to our church.

There is expected to be record heat Friday along with dry and unstable conditions which could increase the potential for extreme fire behavior Friday through Saturday. Due to the local fires we have cropping up along with neighboring fires there can also be an expected deterioration of air quality with an increased level of smoke in the air.w🔥☀️🔥
So an early morning walk and watering are in order and then work inside where we will stay cool.
No big plans for Labor Day Weekend for us, how about for you? One last hoorah?

Welcome to Ember!

Our kids added a puppy to their family in time for their older sweet dog Reyna to help train her.

Puppies sleep a lot.

How sweet is this.

Our daughter-in-law has had a puppy before but our son and grands are experiencing a puppy for the first time. This little Golden is adjusting to the family. It will be fun to watch it grow.

Big Boy Bed

August is a big month around here with this little guy’s crib being converted to his toddler bed. He is quite proud.

August is also soccer team month for Addy while JJ gets to hang out and get creative on how to enjoy his snacks.

And this week has been busy every night with Vacation Bible School where I am helping by selling the t-shirts.

Both our grands can enjoy Zoomerang which will finish up tonight.

Our church was converted to the Land Down Under with Koalas, Platapi, Kangaroos and Dingos.

And in the middle of all this fun and excitement there is a new puppy.

I’ll share a full post about Ember next week.

Me and My Shadow

The Hummers continue to entertain us. We have put out a second feeder that has perches that the hummers can rest on.

This is a week off for Wednesday Hodgepodge.

We were able to meet our local kids’ new puppy on Tuesday as they wanted to introduce her to their old dog Reyna on neutral ground before bringing the puppy into their home which has always been Reyna’s domain. Things will be busy as they train and enjoy a new puppy. Her name is Ember. I’ll let them share a photo first on Social Media before I do here. Sweet and mellow.

Vacation Bible School is in full swing and things went well with registration and making sure all the kids had their name bands on their wrists. I look forward to another evening helping out and doing my small part to help things go smoothly.