Summer is Waning…

Happy to see these end of summer photos.

It’s been a couple days since these photos were taken and our blue skies have been obscured by smoke. A few fires have erupted in our county and neighboring counties that have affected the air quality. Local restaurants are feeding the fire fighters and there is an Incident Command Center at the junior high parking lot next to our church.

There is expected to be record heat Friday along with dry and unstable conditions which could increase the potential for extreme fire behavior Friday through Saturday. Due to the local fires we have cropping up along with neighboring fires there can also be an expected deterioration of air quality with an increased level of smoke in the air.w🔥☀️🔥
So an early morning walk and watering are in order and then work inside where we will stay cool.
No big plans for Labor Day Weekend for us, how about for you? One last hoorah?