Orange Hill Celebration

On our last full day in our rental home during our DisneyCaliFam Vacation, we spent some time relaxing in the spa in the morning.

When the Minneolas were hanging over the fence onto the property we were staying at, was it okay to pick them? Asking for a friend.

These two shared a muffin treat that was purchased at Disneyland the day before.

During naptime Josh drove some of the gals to Downtown Disney for a little shopping venture. He dropped us off at the Disneyland hotel and then picked us up a couple hours later. We enjoyed walking through the lobby of the hotel to get to the entrance of the shopping area. We had to go through extensive security to get into the area.

The Lego structures at the Lego store were impressive! No Lego purchases on this trip. Everyone made purchases at a couple of the other stores but me.

Josh picked us up where he dropped us off and we went back to get ready for our fancy dinner out at the Orange Hill Restaurant. Did I mention we only had the one vehicle for the twelve of us during our time in Southern California and that Josh was our trusty chauffer back and forth to everywhere?!

The skies were putting on a show of God’s Creation and Glory. The twelve of us arrived in our van at the door of the restaurant in time to further enjoy the sunset and views.

Cheers to our extended family and our three birthday kids, Josh, Dan and Jamie! The Twelve of us enjoyed our food and our time here.

Our grands’ Granny and Granny Great. Granny Great picked up the tab for our drinks. Thank you, Florence!

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Or in Colville. 🙂 Crispy Whole Snapper above and Half-chicken below.

I had the Short Ribs, and most of the rest of us had the Prime Rib.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding was so good. And the restaurant brought out 3 complimentary desserts for the three birthday kids we were celebrating.

I would have said this was the grand finale of our trip but we ended up having another full day of fun our last day before we flew home.

Fast Forward to the present here in Colville, Washington.

We had another light dusting of snow here on Friday and Saturday. Starting Sunday our highs have been below freezing. So far the predictions say we won’t make it above freezing until Thursday, February 2nd.

These are some of our views from our windows!

We finally enjoyed a full day of sunshine on Sunday with clear skies. Hope your week moving into February is a good one.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Orange Hill Celebration

  1. Hello,
    Love the photos and the view from the restaurant, the sunset was gorgeous. The Quail are so cute, they are nice visitors to your yard. Take care, have a wonderful week!

  2. Your family knows how to have a great time, Ellen. So much good food and fellowship not to mention sightseeing and shopping. Your choice for transportation looks like the way to go with Josh the very capable chauffeur.

    And, back in Colville can’t be so bad since most of the group is there, too. The weather has definitely taken a turn here for the winter side. Oh well! Time goes by so quickly.


    • Yes, Vee, thankful for the great times we have. Our roads here in Colville are still driveable and that makes the weather bearable. Blessings to you…

  3. What a wonderful time spent together as a family, you know that is truly such a special gift in today’s world! Memories to treasure for a lifetime! And yesterday’s sunshine was such a gift! The cold is brr! -10 here this morning. The dogs and I are headed out for our walk regardless, although I will be bundled like a walking snowman! Ha! Blessings to you, have a great week!

  4. What a perfect place for a family vacation. Dinner sounds amazing, the van sounds like a lot of fun (since everybody knew each other so well!). And whew, getting home from such a great vacation always takes me some adjustment time… I imagine that the weather added a bit of shock factor.! Stay warm and cozy — your home is beautiful and surely lends itself to those qualities!

    • Sallie, the older we get the longer the recovery time seems to be. I’ll take that, though. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Thinking of you as you get things shaped up in Florida.

  5. You looked forward to this trip for a while and planned well! I think this restaurant reservation was one of those things planned ahead and so beautiful! I can’t help but feel that family love and happiness is a small fortaste of heaven.

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