Barns, Pumpkins, Corn Mazes and More!

On Sunday October 15th the girls headed to Knight Farm to enjoy the corn maze and pumpkin patch. The Barn built in 1907 is on the Washington State Heritage Barn Register.

With corn maze map in hand (Katie’s hand) we set off for the maze entrance.

Katie masterfully led us to each checkpoint in the maze never making a wrong turn.

Addy started out awake and soon fell fast asleep.

We started at the bottom at station #10 and ended our trek at station #1.

When we were done with the maze Addy woke up and we picked out 3 pumpkins. One for daddy, one for mommy, and one for Addy.

Yep, the cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

While in the maze I spotted these farms with barns in the distance.

The guys were done hunting on Sunday with early success bringing a buck home just after noon.Β  Andrew had to leave us all to drive the 350 miles back to Seattle so he could be in class on Monday morning. Dear, Josh and Dan started the hard work of prepping the venison while we were away at the pumpkin patch.

I spared everyone the full image of the buck in the back of our son’s truck but you can see the antlers if you look closely. One side of the antlers look like they are growing out of Joshua’s head. Andrew left before they had the celebratory toast.

Addy with auntie Katie before we got dressed for the pumpkin patch. She was interested in the guys excitement in retelling the story of how their successful hunting morning unfolded.

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20 thoughts on “Barns, Pumpkins, Corn Mazes and More!

  1. Such a wonderful trip you all have had, Ellen,would you believe I have never been on a corn maze trip. I probably couldn’t find my way out. ~smile~ And that Miss Addy she is adorable. Enjoyed all the photos.

  2. …sleepy little pumpkin, but then she woke up. I will never understand corn mazes, I’m lost often enough, why would I spend money to get lost in a corn field? Thanks for stopping by with cutie pie. Have fun this Halloween.

  3. Hello, the pumpkin patch visit looks like a fun time. I have not been through a maze since my son was in scouts. Addy is just adorable and a sweet pumpkin. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. Oh your little pumpkin is just so cute! Wonderful pictures of your time in the pumpkin patch! Congrats to the guys on a successful hunt. Might we be seeing some venison recipes soon?

  5. What a sweet lil’ punkin’! Love all the precious family pics at the pumpkin farm. Such a beautiful place and looks like you had perfect weather, too. I would definitely get lost in a corn maze! Happy Halloween! xx k

  6. What fun to spend the day with the girls, and getting through that maze! Good job! It looked like a lot of fun, but by a long shot, sweet Addy was just the cutest little pumpkin in the patch! She is growing SO much, of course you know that, but still, it is amazing to see it! Glad your sons and husband got a buck and got it all processed, it is a lot of work to do! Looks like a wonderful weekend you had πŸ˜‰

  7. I can’t imagine a more idyllic set of fall fotos … I adore mazes – when our kids were younger we would have competitions to see who could get through the fastest!!! Your Addy could be a model for the farm to promote its Patch!

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