Hello October

Update: So so sad and sorry to wake up to the horrible news about the shooting in Las Vegas last night. May God comfort those who lost loved ones and may He heal those who are injured. May he also heal those who have been traumatized even though they survived the carnage.

The trees and plants at this old house are beginning to show their autumn colors.

The blueberry bush…

The Forsythia

I saved the best for last. Our little Addy is enjoying new things this fall. She’s enjoying some solids like rice cereal, applesauce and just this past week she tried zucchini and gave it a thumbs up. She did not like banana. It made her gag. She is 6-1/2 months old and getting some good use out of her many bibs. She soon will be too big for her current car seat.

We had a quiet weekend. Our new senior pastor preached his first sermon this morning. We are looking forward to this new chapter in the life of our church. Our church will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2018 and in almost 50 years this is only our fourth pastor. That’s an impressive pastor history.

Speaking of 50 years, my graduating class from high school will be celebrating 50 years next October. A committee is planning the event and trying to locate as many Montebello High School class of 1968 graduates as possible. If you are reading this post and are a MHS class of 68 graduate there is a special email address for our reunion and you can give them your contact information there. mhs50.1968@gmail.com

 I’ll be linking up to Mosaic Monday with Maggie from Normandy Life.
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25 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. Autumn has its good points – the sparkling colors! I love the scenery in your banner. Addy is so cute ❤ All the best for October!

  2. Although I’m still sharing our July/August time in Italy on my blog and remembering happy days there’s much to enjoy as we move into October days; cooler weather, but also the beauty of autumn colours in nature. Addy is doing well with trying out new food, flavours and textures. A new pastor settling into your church community is a blessing.

  3. What? Zucchini over bananas? Most unusual… 😉

    Wonderful that the search for a pastor has culminated in your new pastor. May he preach The Word without apology.

    Are you working on the committee to find schoolmates?

  4. Addy is just too cute! Enjoy that Autumn color … here the Autumn color is green! The 50th reunion of my high school class was this year… I didn’t go. I looked over the list of people who were going and it looked like everyone I knew (big class) was staying home! Ha! Happy Monday!

  5. Addy is just precious! And I love the color the forsythia changes to in the Fall. And guess what? My 50 year reunion is next October too! How funny is that? Mine is in Arkadelphia, AR though! heehee! We must be ‘about’ the same age! Hugs!

  6. I just love hearing how Addy is growing and yes, bibs are a must at that age! I just found out about the mass shooting and I also will keep them all in my prayers. It’s sad what people are driven to do but love always wins! ❤

  7. I love the expressions on sweet Addy’s face — I can imagine that she does make her likes and dislikes known .. and good for her for that!! Autumn looks beautiful around your home. My HS class will celebrate our 60th Reunion this year — we were able to attend the 55th but will probably miss this one. Long time ago! Thank you for the good words added at the top of your post; it was awful news to wake up to this morning. We spoke to someone this morning who had a family friend who was injured.

  8. Addy certainly is a cutie – I thought it really appropriate that one of her bibs has leaves on it! I hope you enjoy your class reunion – for various reasons, I have never been able to attend any of mine (assuming they hold one every 5 years, the next one will be 40).

    • My class has been quite unique in that we’ve had several mini reunions over the last several years. No major reunions since our 25th. This one will be a big one and time will tell if I can fly down to Southern California in October of next year.

  9. Autumn looks beautiful where you live, Ellen. Addy is getting so big. She has such bright happy eyes–so cute!
    Our high elevations in Colorado had over a foot of snow already, but we are still enjoying the beautiful autumn color along the Front Range.
    My heart breaks for the innocent victims in Las Vegas.

  10. Ellen, Baby is cute and the colors on the bushes and trees is great. We had a very long day of high winds on Monday. Most of the leaves who were ready are down. A few remain. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

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