Snow & Ice ~ Tablescape

Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen hosts a weekly meme called Let’s Dish. This week she challenged us to come up with a scape using the theme of Snow and Ice. Here’s what I came up with…

We sat at a version of this table on Sunday night with our son and his wife to celebrate our son’s birthday. I’m sorry to say I forgot to take photos of our actual dinner…oops! Our dining chairs are off to the upholsterer and we aren’t sure when we’ll be getting them back so we are using some of our folding chairs for the time being.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had several foggy days. The sun finally made a breakthrough on Tuesday afternoon. We are going to have our rain pattern return for a few days with a dry weekend promised so far. With our freezing fog we’ve had some ice issues. Do you have snow and ice in your neck of the woods?

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30 thoughts on “Snow & Ice ~ Tablescape

  1. Oh that turned out beautifully! Now it may be that we’re below zero tonight, but that is making me feel chilly so the candle glow is much appreciated.

    Yes, plenty of snow and ice in my corner.

  2. This definitely has the snowy and icy feel!!!! It matches the weather some people have been getting up north and some parts of the Midwest to a tee!!! (Thank goodness we’re not getting that snow here, although we could certainly use some precipitation!) The salad plates you chose have that snowflake look and are perfect for the theme!!! I love all the bling, too!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s Wednesday morning here in Zurich and we had a bit of ice fog this morning, early. Now that the sun is up it’s looking very pretty and frosty outside. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

    Your table is gorgeous. Really lovely.

  4. I LOVE this scape. The blue is such a perfect color for this theme. We are just seeing the last of our last snow melt away. Single digit windchills greet us each morning. Your last post with the fog is pretty. Until it’s so thick to make it dangerous to drive in I love fog.

  5. Lovely! As I have said before… you certainly have a way with a table! No snow or ice here…yet anyway. Although we are having freezing temps. Our coldest weather is usually in Feb,

  6. The quintessential ice and snow table setting… I love the crystal salad plates against the china dinn r plates.. and the table runner with all the cut glass too, is just gorgeous…

  7. I like your take on snow and ice. It would be so fun to be able to order a tablescape via menu in advance along with food for a special meal out.
    We do have lots and lots of snow and ice here but no new snow on the forecast until perhaps Sunday.

  8. Very elegant and perfectly matched to the theme Ellen! We’re in a deep freeze here. Beautiful sunny day but COLD! And it’s going to be that way all week. I’m glad I can stay in today.

  9. You captured snow and ice with your beautiful table setting! And…now I must go see what everyone else has done. 🙂
    1,000,000 hits coming up? Wow….that is something!
    Stay warm and cozy! The rain came today here with the promise of freezing tonight! It should be a challenge to drive in!

  10. Having great fun tonight visiting all these beautiful snow and ice tables with the blue/white/silver theme. Your table sparkles like fresh fallen snow.

  11. I love what you came up with, and how the centerpiece goes down the center of the table. Your little bows on the napkins are so cute.
    Such a pretty table, and I am glad you got to use it for a celebration!
    Mine just got unset so we could eat our pizza on paper plates. 🙂

    Thanks so much for taking the Winter Challenge at Let’s Dish!

  12. So beautiful and elegant..
    I also enjoyed reading how you became a MGCC contributor, how very interesting that you met by stumbling upon Lovell’s blog.
    Congrats on the many hits on your blog, success at MGCC and Ukrainian cause and soon arrival of another cookbook.

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