Are You Dreary?

We are still gloomy and cold in the Seattle area, weather wise.

We are suppose to get some rain and hopefully it will wash all this fog away.

In the meantime I’m setting a sparkly table for Cuisine Kathleen’s Snow and Ice challenge.

I used the same setting modified for the birthday meal we served our son Josh and our daughter in law, Laura, on Sunday. I’m off my game because I didn’t take one photo of the food I served. We had lamb shanks in a merlot tomato sauce and roasted potatoes with a cucumber/tomato salad. Yum!

I’m getting organized for my 1,000,000 hits giveaway. Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Are You Dreary?

  1. Wow…those photos plus your description of the fog is exactly what I think of when I think of the Seattle area!!! (I know it’s not like that all the time, but you know how stereotypes take control!) I like the tablescape tease! I look forward to seeing the table! It’s not dreary here…just cold as all get out. We woke up to single digits this morning. The sun is shining, so that helps a little during the day.

  2. Sunny but extremely cold (-15C). Your lamb shanks sound wonderful – will you be sharing that recipe??
    Good for you to make a sparkly table setting for a dreary day…

  3. It does look gloomy. I’d be very happy to share some sunshine with you today, if only it could be packaged and tossed up into the air to sail quickly north from here.

  4. Ellen,

    Your weather there looks like what we had the entire week last week!!! It too will pass, I can attest to that. 😉

    Ours is freezing cold (high today is 25, with a wind chill about 8 degrees) even though the sun is out full blast!

    Have a great evening.

  5. We’ve had so much gray and fog here in the willamette valley its awful. Now we too are getting freezing rain coming Wednesmorning. Pretty Pictures.

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