1,000,000 Celebrations!

In Celebration of over 1,000,000 hits on my blog I’m giving away our new Celebrations Cookbook to one of you who leave a comment on this post. Oops!! I forgot to mention that the giveaway will close Saturday night and I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

In March of 2007 my brother Steve sat me down and told me he was going to help me start my own blog since I was enjoying visiting so many. Since that time I have learned so much and I understand a few more things about my computer. One of the best things that has happened from my blogging experience are the new friendships I’ve enjoyed. Meeting some of these friends in person has been such a special blessing. One of my meetings resulted in a walking buddy for the years that Dear and I were living in Camarillo, California. Now that we are back in Washington, I miss my walking buddy, Willow.

During my blogging I stumbled upon Lovella’s blog and noticed that she baked Paska at Easter time. I was curious because being from a Russian Immigrant family we always had this same Easter treat year after year. I started following her blog and soon realized a lot of her recipes were similar to the Russian recipes my mom made in our kitchen. Soon Lovella decided to start a cooking blog where recipes were posted every day. She asked if I’d like to contribute. I started slow but then became more regular when I embraced this fun concept and my responsibility of being a contributor. Over the course of time theย  Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog was cemented with 10 contributors and I was one of the 10. After this point Lovella was contacted by Menno Media with the idea of a Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook. The ten of us met for the first time all together in Canada and signed a contract and got to work. Even though I’m the one contributor of the 10 that is not Mennonite or Canadian, I’ve been embraced and accepted as their “Russian American Cousin”.

Our first cookbook has been a fun venture and has afforded the 10 of us the opportunity to share all of our royalties to build a greenhouse at the Good Shepherd Shelter in the Ukraine. From the beginning we as the authors agreed that we have all we need and we wanted to help those less fortunate with our portion of profits from our book. The whole story of the Mennonite/Ukranian/ Canadian connection is explained in the book and on our blog. Our first book is still available and you can click over to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog to see where the book can be purchased. It is also available at Amazon.

This is the greenhouse at the Good Shepherd Shelter in the Ukraine. They are already growing food year round in the greenhouse!

Our 2nd cookbook will be published May 1st of this year. For our 2nd book our author royalties will again go to a mission project that we are deciding on together. The photo above was taken during our time together to sign the contract for our 2nd book. These 9 wonderful women of faith have become my partners and dear friends all because of my little blog. Who could have ever dreamed this? It is amazing what God has given to me through “The Happy Wonderer” I wonder who I’ll meet in the future?

We are excited about our new book and the themes and recipes included this time around. I really love the cover and am looking forward to seeing all the recipes and photos put together and having the hard copy in my hands!

If you leave a comment and are chosen for my giveaway please understand that I won’t be sending you our new cookbook till May of this year. Besides your comment you will need to leave a reliable email address so I can contact you to get an address to mail the book. Your email address won’t be visible to anyone but me. Thank you to all my regular readers and bloggy friends for supporting me with your kind thoughts and comments. I appreciate all of you!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

49 thoughts on “1,000,000 Celebrations!

  1. Oh I’ll be getting my hands on that cookbook one way or t’other. =D I just had to congratulate you on a million hits…that is downright wonderful! All the best with the next million!

  2. Wahoo, Ellen! What a delightful contribution you are making to the world:) Congrats and may the Lord use you as He sees fit. Love your cookbook and have given it as a gift – looking forward to the next!

  3. 1,000,000…how exciting. It is not hard to understand why people are drawn here. As I’ve shared with you before God somehow led me to your blog and He used you in a mighty way to lift my head to look to Him. Although we have never met you are one of the “special” people in my heart because of God in you! This will be fun to see what mission you get to bless next. That greenhouse is SO COOL…so practical and something on going, not just a one time bandaid. God has done well!

  4. wow! that’s quite a milestone!! i never tire of hearing the story of the “mennonite girls”…it is such a testimony of God’s sovereignty. what a mighty God we serve!

  5. Ellen, thanks for sharing the story of the “Mennonite Girls Can Cook” book and the other nine ladies who share the credit. What a wonderful gift and generous nature you all have. Congratulations on your 1,000,000 “hit”!

  6. Ellen…I thank God for you! What a gift your friendship has been to me personally. Your love for God is evident and I just can’t imagine “us” without you!
    May God continue to bless you as you share the beauty around you here on your blog.

  7. Ellen, I have been enjoying your blog for about 1 1/2 years. !,0000,000 hits, that is something to celebrate. I love to hear about your family and the way you celebrate life. May God continue to use you.

  8. Fantastic! Congratulations on this milestone!
    Wish you continued blessings on the “Mennonite Girls Can Cook” adventure!

  9. I think the story of the MGCC is a tale of faith, of love, and of God using women to impact the world. Congratulations on your milestone of visitors. I’d love to win! But if I don’t, I’ll be looking for the book elsewhere!

  10. Dear Ellen – I feel so honoured to have met you on blogdom
    and all of you MGCC gals! You have no idea how much my life has been inspired and how I’ve been encouraged by interacting with your blog! Congrats is an understatement to 1 million hits – Wow!
    Life Vee – I’ll be the first inline to get that book….can’t wait.
    May you continue to be blessed as you blog and celebrate this life!

  11. Ellen…I’m so glad you started that blog ‘way back when’ and that our paths have crossed because of it! Who knew what God had in store for us? May God continue to bless you through your blog…through ‘our joint venture’…and through your daily walk with Him.

  12. Congratulations, Ellen! It has been a real treat to get to know you through your blogging. Now I know the story of how you became a part of the “Menno clan”! Blessings on your next 1,000,000 visits!

  13. Congratulations on your 1,000,000 hit! I am a recent follower so I was not aware of the “Mennonite Girls Can Cook”, cookbook. What a wonderful thing you are doing with your royalties. I look forward to getting to know you and the other contributors.

  14. Ellen, I have been following MGCC for a very long time, as well as your blog. I will be buying the new book when it comes out, but it would be so great if I won it from you and then had the opportunity to get it signed at a hoped-for book signing here in Wpg. I went to the book signing of the previous book and it was lovely to meet some of your “girls”!

  15. Win or not, I’ll be sure to have this book in my collection. The cookbook story, and your blogging story are beautiful. Wonderful things have happened!
    Congratulations on your million milestone!

  16. Ellen, Congratulations on this major milestone! Blogging has opened up the world for so many people and I have been truly blessed from my stumbling across the Happy Wonderer. Miss you! PS: I’ve been walking UP the hill to the water tower ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Thank you for sharing the back-story on your involvement with MGCC – I am relatively new to your blog and didn’t know how it all began. What a blessing to be able to pass along the proceeds and thereby bless others.

    Thank you for blogging, for your lovely images and inspiring tables. God bless.

  18. Congratulations Ellen, I have been inspired and encouraged through your blog posts many times. I often thank God that He allowed you, myself and the other girls to meet through blogging and then lead us to the place we are today. To see where we began….to where He has us today is truly amazing. May you continue to find great joy in the blogging world. I can’t wait to hold our book in hand….and how nice for you to gift a book in celebration of your 100,000. GO CELEBRATE!

  19. yay.. one million. Congratulations Ellen thats so awesome. What a blessing to many not only your blog, the cookbooks and of course the greenhouse.

  20. Having just started my own blog, I’m very impressed with your stats. Besides, it is fun! We at MennoMedia are so looking forward to the new cookbook and I work across the hall from the designer and let me tell you he is keeping his nose to the grindstone on designing this delicious book. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations to you and all the “girls.”

  21. congratulationsI have been following the MGCC blog for quite a while and started to follow your personal blog along with the other girls blogs and quite enjoy the peek into your life. I was gifted with 2 of your first cookbooks and would love to win the second. You, and the other girls are an inspiration and a blessing.

  22. Kudos to you and hats off to Steve for being such a cool brother ๐Ÿ™‚
    May God continue to use you both to bless many others!

  23. You are such a generous and spirit-filled woman, Ellen. I have started to follow your blog and love your stories and photos. Many of your recipes remind me of stories my Dad told us about his growing up years in the Ukraine when his Russian neighbours would invite his Mennonite family to a meal – his family came to Canada in 1923. May you continue to bless all of us with your heartwarming stories. I am also really looking forward to the new cookbook and especially like that others will be blessed through the sale of the books.

  24. Ellen, I have been following your blog for over a year and it is so nice to have met your family and the 10 MGCC girls through it plus tours of Seattle,etc. I have the first book and will definitely get my hands on the second one somehow. All of you are to be congratulated for all of your efforts and thanks given for all of the blessings you have bestowed through your book sales. Carry on and congratulations on one million hits. (I am like you in your former life……I read a lot of blogs but do not have a blog myself.)
    Farm Gal in VA

  25. I am so glad you dove into blogging with gusto! Never in your wildest imagination were you thinking that first post would lead to a green house in the Ukraine! Does God know how to write an interesting plot line or what?!?!
    You have my email address, my name and gmail.

  26. Congrats, Ellen! I for one have been hugely blessed by your blog. I am so glad you took that plunge to start your own blog!!! May God use your blog to reach and bless many others.

  27. Congratulations, Ellen! What a wonderful story about the cookbook and how all of you came together and have donated the money toward mission projects. You never know where blogging will lead you, but it has certainly led to great things for your group of women. laurie

  28. I plan on buying my cookbook but, congratulations Ellen!! So exciting to see how God is working through you, as you trust and obey—-

  29. Incredible! So thankful God has used you & your blog to reach so many. I’m so proud of you — who you are, what you do, how you love & serve. Praying for the next season of this blogging adventure to be just as rewarding as the first. Love you!

  30. One thousand posts! Wow! Congrats. Love the Mennonite Girls blog and all the recipes. I’m sure your new book will go over swimmingly!

  31. Congratulations, Ellen, on one million blog hits! Wow! I don’t remember how I found your blog–was it through Willow or Pam? However I came upon you I’ve enjoyed each and every visit! I am of Ukranian descent on my Mother’s side so I have enjoyed using the MGCC cookbook to reproduce some recipe sI remember my grandmother making. I look forward to seeing the new cookbook in May!

  32. Congratulations of one million blog hits, Ellen! Wow! I’m not sure how I found your blog –was it through Willow or Pam? However I began reading it I have enjoyed each and every visit here.

    My maternal grandmother was Ukrainian, so i love the MGCC cookbook as it has helped me reproduce recipes she made as well as new ones that are so delicious. I look forward to the publication of “Celebrations” in May!

  33. Hip Hip Hooray for you Ellen!! And a perfect way to celebrate by giving away a Celebrations cookbook!!! I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’ll be buying one whether I win or not. It looks wonderful. The Lord has been so good to bring you girls together. what a blessing!

  34. I know I’m not in the running for a cookbook here.. but I just have to say that I am thankful for my Russian American Cousin/sister across the line. I love your sense of humor, your heart for God and your willingness to share your life – which has resulted in blessings we could not have imagined! May God continue to bless you in all you do.

  35. Your cyber-journey has been nothing short of amazing! It makes me think of a verse that asks, “Who has despised the day of small things?” Your small blog has turned into something fabulous under the direction of God. Congrats on your millionth visitor!

  36. I’m a frequent visitor to your blog but have never commented before. I regularly go to Judy’s blog and from there click on all the links for other MG’s. Such fun! I’m always inspired and grateful when I read the blogs of your team. Congrats on your stats. (I’m a former K teacher so making rhymes is second nature!) I was delighted to meet Lovella and Anneliese at the Lancaster, PA booksigning where I got the second to last book available. Whew! Like others have commented, I’ll be buying a copy of Celebrations if I don’t win this contest. God bless!

  37. My comment will be omitted, for the raffle, but I am so happy to have been part of this friendship through blog land. You have inspired me in many ways and as we drove through Seattle, I thought of you many times, but we were anxious to get home as our plane was delayed three hours.
    Congratulations on your million hits..

  38. 1 Million hits Ellen B!! That’s truly amazing, but not at all surprising since you are such a wonderful compassionate lady and great fun to boot “-)!!
    I agree with you on the new cover…very very darling!!!

    xoxo cori g.

  39. I’m another that is out of the running for the raffle but I had to comment on your 1,000,000 hits.
    Congratulations Ellen – yours is one of my favourite blogs – especially on Sundays – you’ve blessed me so often with the hymns you post.
    Like the other MG’s – I’m so happy to have you as a “sister” and friend and to have shared in the events of your life. Many blessings to you as you start on the second million.
    Hugs, Bev

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