Stained Glass ~ Washington National Cathedral

Get ready for photo overload. I have so many photos to share from our trip to Washington D.C. that I’ll have to break my posts down to different aspects of each spot I visited. The Washington National Cathedral was amazing to visit. Today I’ll share the Windows for you for Ruby Tuesday with Mary at Work of the Poet.


This is the Space Window which holds a piece of moon rock brought back by the crew of Apollo XI.



One theme, told moving from the west to east, is the story of redemption through faith. Beginning at the west facade and west rose window with the story of creation, this theme continues through the clerestory windows, and ends with the sculpture of Christ in Majesty at the high altar.





Christ in Majesty at the high altar.


This series of 3 photos shows 6 of the 12 disciples of Jesus.




I’ll be posting more photos of the Washington National Cathedral in the next couple of days.

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Bothell Landing ~ Bothell, Washington

ABC Wednesday Round 3 ~ B is for Bothell

Bothell is the first town that we lived in when our little family moved from California to Washington in 1988. Our kids went through elementary, junior high, and high school in Bothell. Since then part of Bothell has been renamed Kenmore. Bothell is located northeast of the city of Seattle and on the eastside of Lake Washington.


The Park at Bothell Landing is home to several of Bothell’s historical buildings. Each historical structure at the Park was relocated and restored to take on a new life at the Landing.

Now the Bothell Historic Museum, this home was built by William Hannan himself.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1853 and moving to the Northwest in 1888, Hannan bought property in Bothell in 1890. This was the beginning of a long history in which Hannan was involved in shaping much of early Bothell. He had the post office from 1894 until 1898 and was Bothell’s mayor from 1916 to 1919; he was also member of the school board, the Commercial Club, Odd Fellows and Masons.

The school bell from the second Bothell schoolhouse has been re-hung in the Landing bell tower. It is rung for special occasions in Bothell, such as the Fourth of July, the first day of school, and graduation day.

You can also see the Bridge in the background that take you across the River to the Burke Gilman/Sammamish River Trail.


While the schoolhouse itself was built in 1885, weather delayed the opening and it wasn’t until March of 1886 that the doors opened to teach the children. Miss Helen DeVoe, originally from New York state, was the first school teacher for Bothell; some of her first students were William Keener, Albert Bothell, Annie Beckstrom, and George Brackett


This cabin housed Andrew and Augusta Beckstrom and their 16 children! Their 3rd child, John, was born in the cabin, and is the first recorded birth in Bothell.


Wayne Curve Bridge located along the Burke Gilman Trail is another registered historic site. When I’m in Washington my girlfriends and I walk the Burke Gilman Trail every Saturday morning and we pass this spot twice.


 1909 – Bothell was incorporated as a town with a population around 600. George Bothell was elected as the towns first mayor and another relative, AF Bothell was elected council, the town became ‘Bothell’. Gerhard Ericksen, the first Postmaster, is reputed to have said, “There are so many Bothell’s in town, let’s call it Bothell.” Many of the ‘Bothell Family’ are buried in Bothell’s historic Pioneer Cemetery


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Ruby Tuesday


These photos are from a couple of my walks in search of red. Not exactly sure why I put the snail in the middle. When Willow and I walk she steps on these garden nibblers and there’s a disturbing crunch!

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