Five More Hats!

Five more hats that I have worn from college on…

# 1 ~ I was part of a Christian Rock group where I met Dear and we fell in love with each other and with Great Britain in the early 70’s.



“Hymns give way to Jesus Rock in morning assembly at St. George’s Church of England School, in Meadow Road, Gravesend yesterday. The concert was given by the Contemporaries, 14 musicians from the United States who are in the middle of a world tour. They have already completed a number of successful “gigs” in Liverpool. They are all professional musicians but they are giving their services free”…

Dear and I are in the center of the photo on the bottom row. 1974 was the last summer tour Dear and I participated in.



#2 – I was a bride and became a wife to Dear and changed my name in December of 1974.


#3 ~ I was an elementary school teacher in the Montebello Unified School District until our first son was born.


#4~ I’m blessed to be a mother to these three children and my mother in law sheet is complete with two daughter-in-laws and one son-in-law.


#5 I’m an auntie and great auntie to so many lovely human beings! I’m sharing a few photos so I can get all of the nieces and nephews and great nephews and nieces in. I haven’t met two of the latest greats in person yet.


Our family and Dear’s brother’s family from Katie and Andrew’s wedding in 2012.

Nick's Funeral 140

Dear’s only brother’s family and our family in 2015 at Riverside National Cemetery (missing Jenna, Justin, Skylar and Travis).

Mom's services 172

My kids and nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews surrounding my pop at my mother’s memorial service in 2013.

Our kids plus my nieces and nephews with my youngest niece Hope and youngest nephew Andrew in 2015 at my brother-in-law Nick’s funeral. So let me count. 7 brothers and sisters. 7 brother and sister in laws. 19 original nieces and nephews. Many of those nieces and nephews are married now and I have 9 grand nieces and nephews. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews who aren’t married yet.

I have one brother (out of my 7 siblings) whose family has estranged themselves from all the rest of us siblings and our families. They are not enjoying the love and support and comfort that the rest of us enjoy when we are together. I’m adding this truth here to let my dear readers know that things aren’t all rosy in my family relationship category. My brother and his wife have 4 kids and we know for sure 3 of them are married. We aren’t sure about our oldest nephew from this family. We have at least 3 grand nephews or nieces that I’ve never met. I also have never met two of my nephew’s spouses and the oldest niece’s spouse. They have chosen to cut off all ties and relationship with us. Haven’t seen my brother since 2009 and haven’t seen my sister in law since 2004. So sad but true. We pray that there will be reconciliation in the future. Gott Kann!

I have a few more current hats to share before I totally bore you to tears.

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I’ll be on the road for most of Friday and hope to check in once we arrive at our son’s house in Eastern Washington for the weekend later on Friday. Blessings…

Joining Families…

It would be good for me to make myself a list before I arrive at major functions like weddings. After the fact I realize what I missed because I get distracted in the moment. Heat and sunshine take a lot out of me and I find I’m less successful in catching everyone and everything at an event.

Enough excuses already, here are the shots I got of the families that are joining each other in this latest union in my family.

IMGP0766Dear, Josh and Laura…

IMGP0850Niece Melissa with Grand niece Avery!

IMGP0875Our daughter Katie who flew out from North Carolina for the wedding!

IMGP0880Niece Melissa with Katie.

IMGP0884My brother Steve and SIL Kelly, parents of the groom.

IMGP0817Father of the Bride.

IMGP0891Mother and sisters of the bride.

IMGP0886The Bride’s sisters, Katie and Annie.

IMGP0888Marie’s Dad’s side of the family with Great Grandma who is 93 years old. Oops…I didn’t get mom’s side of the family. Oye!



IMGP0896My brother with my wonderful SIL Kelly and their sons.

IMGP0898Cousins on the Bagdanov side of the family.

IMGP0899Caleb’s grandparents on his mother’s side.

IMGP0901My SIL Kelly’s side of the family.

IMGP0906Cousins from my SIL’s side of the family.

IMGP0910Candid of our Katie.

IMGP0915Candid of our niece Kristin.


IMGP0755Candid of my brother Leonard with my niece Michelle and SIL Mandy!

IMGP0923Nieces and nephew and I wonder who David is looking at? I also got some other members of my family in the background.

Yippee for Friday! We are inching closer to having everything back in place including bedroom doors and closet doors. We had to make some adjustments in closets so Dear still has to go to the basement to find his hanging clothes. We are looking forward to a weekend at home to be able to wrap up some things around this old house. Our daughter Katie and our Son in law Andrew will be hitting the road from the East Coast to our coast early on Saturday. They should be arriving here next weekend. Katie will be staying with us for up to 7 months while Andrew is deployed. Hopefully the door on their bedroom will be back in place this weekend. Oh dear, I just realized I need to clear out the closet in that room for them, too.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?