Joining Families…

It would be good for me to make myself a list before I arrive at major functions like weddings. After the fact I realize what I missed because I get distracted in the moment. Heat and sunshine take a lot out of me and I find I’m less successful in catching everyone and everything at an event.

Enough excuses already, here are the shots I got of the families that are joining each other in this latest union in my family.

IMGP0766Dear, Josh and Laura…

IMGP0850Niece Melissa with Grand niece Avery!

IMGP0875Our daughter Katie who flew out from North Carolina for the wedding!

IMGP0880Niece Melissa with Katie.

IMGP0884My brother Steve and SIL Kelly, parents of the groom.

IMGP0817Father of the Bride.

IMGP0891Mother and sisters of the bride.

IMGP0886The Bride’s sisters, Katie and Annie.

IMGP0888Marie’s Dad’s side of the family with Great Grandma who is 93 years old. Oops…I didn’t get mom’s side of the family. Oye!



IMGP0896My brother with my wonderful SIL Kelly and their sons.

IMGP0898Cousins on the Bagdanov side of the family.

IMGP0899Caleb’s grandparents on his mother’s side.

IMGP0901My SIL Kelly’s side of the family.

IMGP0906Cousins from my SIL’s side of the family.

IMGP0910Candid of our Katie.

IMGP0915Candid of our niece Kristin.


IMGP0755Candid of my brother Leonard with my niece Michelle and SIL Mandy!

IMGP0923Nieces and nephew and I wonder who David is looking at? I also got some other members of my family in the background.

Yippee for Friday! We are inching closer to having everything back in place including bedroom doors and closet doors. We had to make some adjustments in closets so Dear still has to go to the basement to find his hanging clothes. We are looking forward to a weekend at home to be able to wrap up some things around this old house. Our daughter Katie and our Son in law Andrew will be hitting the road from the East Coast to our coast early on Saturday. They should be arriving here next weekend. Katie will be staying with us for up to 7 months while Andrew is deployed. Hopefully the door on their bedroom will be back in place this weekend. Oh dear, I just realized I need to clear out the closet in that room for them, too.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Joining Families…

  1. Great pictures of the wedding celebration! I’m so glad you are almost finished with your floor project. That’s a big deal! It must feel like a new house! Glad Katie will be with you…..

  2. Nice pictures! The bride sure looks like her mom. Wow, 7 months! I know you will love having her, but that’s a long time to be separated. Will be praying for them.

  3. Beautiful family photos. The bride’s mom is doing something right. She looks like another sister. Amazing.

    Yay for getting everything accomplished. It will be fun having Katie home with you.

  4. Wonderful family. I always forget to get photos at family gatherings. I’m always having too much fun talking to think about it.

    I hope everything gets done to your liking. Have fun this weekend.

  5. My agenda this weekend? We braved the heart in Sunland to visit Payne Foundation’s native plant sale. We were so very glad to be back in our cooler town!

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