Apples Anyone?

13697171_10210124456616197_6296178707291823861_nI got to break in my handy dandy fruit picker that my kids got me for Christmas on our apple tree today. The apples have been falling from the tree so it was time to do some serious picking. The wild rabbits and crows won’t be happy with me.

13726697_10210098459926296_4116432526728977439_nWe are not sure what kind of an apple tree this is or what variety apples these are but…I saw some Transparent apples that look real similar but these have red on them so they are a different variety.

13716212_10210125195594671_9088585943470370551_nWe got quite a haul and now I’m wondering what to do with them. What do you suggest? If you live close by come on over and grab a few a bunch.


We’ve had a nice quiet Sunday. After church this morning we stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things and besides some veggies, spice rub, Green Dragon Sauce, cereal, we bought three little potted herbs. I re-purposed this bulky candle holder into a herb planter. Now my mint, oregano and basil are sitting in style. So I suppose our Sunday has been largely green and I’m wearing a green shirt, too. How’s your Sunday?

Great God, as Seasons Disappear ~ Hymn

Great God, as Seasons Disappear

Great God, as seasons disappear,
And changes mark the rolling year,
Thy favor still has crowned our days,
And we would celebrate Thy praise.

The harvest song would we repeat,
Thou givest us the finest wheat;
The joys of harvest we have known;
The praise, O Lord is all Thine own.

Our tables spread, our garners stored,
O give us hearts to bless Thee, Lord:
Forbid it, Source of light and love,
That hearts and lives should barren prove.

Another harvest comes apace:
Ripen our spirits by Thy grace,
That we may calmly meet the blow
The sickle gives to lay us low.

That so, when angel reapers come
To gather sheaves to Thy blest home,
Our spirits may be borne on high
To Thy safe garner in the sky.

Words: Edmund Butcher, 1798.

Sing to the Lord of Harvest ~ Hymn

Sing to the Lord of Harvest

Sing to the Lord of harvest,
Sing songs of love and praise;
With joyful hearts and voices
Your alleluias raise.
By Him the rolling seasons
In fruitful order move;
Sing to the Lord of harvest,
A joyous song of love.

By Him the clouds drop fatness,
The deserts bloom and spring,
The hills leap up in gladness,
The valleys laugh and sing.
He filleth with His fullness
All things with large increase,
He crowns the year with goodness,
With plenty and with peace.

Bring to His sacred altar
The gifts His goodness gave,
The golden sheaves of harvest,
The souls He died to save.
Your hearts lay down before Him
When at His feet you fall,
And with your lives adore Him,
Who gave His life for all.

To God the gracious Father,
Who made us “very good,”
To Christ, who, when we wandered,
Restored us with His blood,
And to the Holy Spirit,
Who doth upon us pour
His blessèd dews and sunshine,
Be praise forevermore

Words: John S.B. Monsell, 1866

Tablescape Thursday ~ Yorkshire

Time to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for more tablescapes from around the Sphere.


Oopsie I bought some new/old dishes this week that I thought would be fun for a Thanksgiving Table. Now my dilema is how to get them up to Seattle for Thanksgiving this year. These dishes are Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Ironstone made in England. I got 36 pieces for $55.00. That comes out to about $1.54 per piece. I bought these at Goodwill.


I really enjoy dishes with English country scenes. I don’t have much in the Thanksgiving decorating realm here at the condo in California so I scrounged around to try to create something that might feel like harvest.





These are the 36 pieces that I purchased.

Be sure to visit Susan to see lots of fun table settings!

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

Ruby Tuesday ~ Autumn Fun


Decided to go with the Autumn theme again this week for Ruby Tuesday. We’ve got the pumpkin patch, my Turkey Cookie creation (hee, hee) and one of the happy ghosts from my string of lights for Halloween.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and if you’d like to see more Ruby Tuesday visit Mary here.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage demanding a ransom that I can’t afford. So frustrating as I try to clean up my posts and delete their ugly squares of black and grey off my blog posts!

Pumpkin Patch with Jack

On Tuesday I met my niece Michelle and my Grand Nephew Jackson at the Underwood Family Farms Pumpkin Patch! It was a hot sunny day in Moorpark, California and in all of Southern California.


We had a tractor ride around the farm and then we were dropped off at the patch where we each got to choose a pumpkin of our own to take home. The farm really caters to “youngins”. There were several pre-schools visiting this day. Animals, pony rides, play equiptment, a corn maze were just a few of the things to keep the kids busy. Jack fed the animals carrots (he wanted to start with the cow). There were goats, emus, llamas, ducks, donkeys, horses, and a pig.  Jack drove his own little motorized tractor.


They have built this great climbing apparatus for the Mountain Goats.



The Sunflowers were still blooming although many seemed to be at the end of their glory.


A fun day at the farm and thank goodness for sunblock!

Update on Wednesday: Our Santana winds are back today with a fury. We are dry and hot and a section of Camarillo where I grocery shop is without power. I was just going into the Von’s to buy a few groceries when the power went out so I came home instead hoping the power doesn’t go out here! I am really looking forward to some cooler fall weather but until then it’s sandals and t-shirts still in Southern California.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage demanding a ransom that I can’t afford. So frustrating as I try to clean up my posts and delete their ugly squares of black and grey off my blog posts!