Pumpkin Patch with Jack

On Tuesday I met my niece Michelle and my Grand Nephew Jackson at the Underwood Family Farms Pumpkin Patch! It was a hot sunny day in Moorpark, California and in all of Southern California.


We had a tractor ride around the farm and then we were dropped off at the patch where we each got to choose a pumpkin of our own to take home. The farm really caters to “youngins”. There were several pre-schools visiting this day. Animals, pony rides, play equiptment, a corn maze were just a few of the things to keep the kids busy. Jack fed the animals carrots (he wanted to start with the cow). There were goats, emus, llamas, ducks, donkeys, horses, and a pig.  Jack drove his own little motorized tractor.


They have built this great climbing apparatus for the Mountain Goats.



The Sunflowers were still blooming although many seemed to be at the end of their glory.


A fun day at the farm and thank goodness for sunblock!

Update on Wednesday: Our Santana winds are back today with a fury. We are dry and hot and a section of Camarillo where I grocery shop is without power. I was just going into the Von’s to buy a few groceries when the power went out so I came home instead hoping the power doesn’t go out here! I am really looking forward to some cooler fall weather but until then it’s sandals and t-shirts still in Southern California.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage demanding a ransom that I can’t afford. So frustrating as I try to clean up my posts and delete their ugly squares of black and grey off my blog posts!

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13 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch with Jack

  1. Ooooo – that looks like it must have been a super fun day! Lovely shots of the pumpkins and gourds! And the mountain goat contraption looks neat…

    I hope the power won’t go out on you. We are looking at some storms later coming our way…

  2. I hope the power outages aren’t too bad. What a wonderful set of photographs. Great shots of the pumpkins and sunflowers and of Jackson who looks like he is having such fun.

  3. That mountain goat climbing apparatus is a hoot! Wow…I’m glad they are so sure footed. I wonder how he likes his little red house in the sky.

    How fun, those little motorized tractors for the kids…

    You seem to be having more wind up there than we are.

  4. Love the sunflower shots. When I was the preschool director I would have to show up on the pumpkin patch trips, the first trip of the year. That would mean 5 pumpkin patch visits each October. It got old. Now I miss it and would love to go on 1. I never saw a climbing goat in all my days! My o My.

  5. I’m so jealous you got to spend the day with my favorite boy! What gorgeous pictures! It really is too bad the weather wasn’t more fitting for the occasion 😦 Hopefuly fall weather will grace us with its presence soon….

  6. I missed this post!! Ryan told me about it today…I only saw the picture of Jk on your other post. LOVE the pic of Jk riding the John Deer tractor…since he didn’t want to get on the big ones at G. Gramma’s farm. (I actually just today, got Jk a little tree ornament that looks just like that tractor!)

    It is plenty cool here in the Midwest….temp of 46 today!

  7. I love this post! I am almost finished with mine, but I like a lot of your shots better…I have to download the new Picasa soon so I can do fun and different collages!

    P.S. So glad you came along! Hope you’re having a good weekend…

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