Apples Anyone?

13697171_10210124456616197_6296178707291823861_nI got to break in my handy dandy fruit picker that my kids got me for Christmas on our apple tree today. The apples have been falling from the tree so it was time to do some serious picking. The wild rabbits and crows won’t be happy with me.

13726697_10210098459926296_4116432526728977439_nWe are not sure what kind of an apple tree this is or what variety apples these are but…I saw some Transparent apples that look real similar but these have red on them so they are a different variety.

13716212_10210125195594671_9088585943470370551_nWe got quite a haul and now I’m wondering what to do with them. What do you suggest? If you live close by come on over and grab a few a bunch.


We’ve had a nice quiet Sunday. After church this morning we stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things and besides some veggies, spice rub, Green Dragon Sauce, cereal, we bought three little potted herbs. I re-purposed this bulky candle holder into a herb planter. Now my mint, oregano and basil are sitting in style. So I suppose our Sunday has been largely green and I’m wearing a green shirt, too. How’s your Sunday?

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13 thoughts on “Apples Anyone?

  1. That is quite the apple harvest!! Your apple picker is a very cool and handy tool! I do love an apple crumb pie, but I also have an apple crisp recipe that is scrumptious.

    Your herb display is very pretty…great idea!

  2. Apple sauce, of course – and pie and crisp for the freezer – slices into freezer bags for later use – I love that picker!

  3. I don’t believe they are Transparent because Transparent apples do not have any red on them at all, but early apples are good for applesauce, pies, etc just like others have mentioned. I have frozen quite a bit of applesauce from some early apples that I bought. Unfortunately I live in Virginia and can’t run over and get some, but thanks for the offer.
    I enjoy your blog very much along with the blogs of other MGCC.

    • Thank you ARR, We talked about the qualities of Transparent apples last night with MGCC and decided mine aren’t transparent apples…just early apples.

  4. I’m amazed at your plentiful picking and at this time of year! In New England we pick in September so we have awhile to go. If I had that many apples, I would make apple pies, applesauce and apple crisp! 😉

  5. That looks like a handy apple picker! If I were you I’d peel and slice those apples, and then bake them slightly and freeze them in pie portions. That way you can make apple pie all winter!

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