It’s February

Do you associate the color red or pink with the month of February? I think of purple, too, because of my sister Vera’s birthstone, amethyst. She is a leap year baby. My mom was big on birthstones and each of us girls got a birthstone ring for our 16th birthday. Or maybe some of my sisters got necklaces instead of a ring. (Vera?) Now I’m wondering if my youngest sister ever got a birthstone ring. If she didn’t don’t feel sorry for her because her boss has gifted her some amazing precious stones! I remember picking my ring out at a jewelry outlet in Los Angeles.

The stone, aquamarine, is not precious in this ring, the setting is in white gold, though.  Lots of memories associated with it. I need to have it sized so it will fit me again.

I’m joining my kids from eastern Washington on a plane ride to John Wayne Airport in southern California for a few days.

From views and walks like the one above to…

…a walk on the Huntington Beach Pier.

On this trip I’m looking forward first to being reunited with our Eastern Washington kids and Addy at Seatac airport. From Seattle we fly together to Orange County/John Wayne airport in Southern California Saturday evening. On Sunday we’ll be seeing many of our extended family after Jamie and our niece Debbee run in a half marathon in Huntington Beach with brunch at the end of the run and then a Superbowl party later in the afternoon and evening. And last and certainly not least visiting with my dear old pop on Monday. He will get to see Addy for the first time. He is her only great grandparent on my side of the family. My pop is not doing well and is tired and weary of continuing his life on this earth. He is in Hospice care in my oldest sister’s home. Bittersweet moments.

I am not taking my computer with me on this trip so there will not be any posts about my trip until after I get home on Tuesday. Hope you all have a great weekend. See ya next week!

Hello February!

Shining 014

I’m ready for this new month and some fresh ideas around this old house.

Shining 015Nothing drastic just a little something here and there. I’ve organized a couple areas of our kitchen to make it more efficient and less cluttered. Little changes that make a difference.

Shining 018Katie has been busy making creations out of chain maille rings. I’ll take more photos soon of all the bracelets and other necklaces she’s made. She’s sold a couple and has bartered one in exchange for a scarf.

Katie and I have watched all but the last episode of Downton Abbey! We will watch the last episode later today! I love watching it with sub titles!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a great Saturday…

The 1st of February!

Today is a great day to reflect on the good things in our lives. I’m joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five.

1. Being able to read and study. Currently we are studying the gospel of John in our Women’s Bible Study and it has really been good. I’m reading a biography on Bonhoeffer that is teaching me a lot about Germany in the 30’s – 40’s and Bonhoeffer’s growth in faith and what that meant for him in Natzi Germany. I’m also reading several different travel guides for Milan and the Lakes in Italy to prepare for our trip in March.

2. Family and Friends to support and enrich our lives. The rich heritage I enjoy and having a family and friends that support me in so many ways can never be taken for granted.

3. Ingredients in abundance that we can buy and put together to make a satisfying dish. It’s great to have taste buds that are willing to try something new. I’m enjoying the adventure of cooking. Sharing what I’ve cooked with others is the cherry on top!

4. Products that make life easier. A few of these many products have gotten enough wear and tear around this old house that they are giving up on us. There are those that we don’t hesitate to replace because we just aren’t willing to live without them. One of those items was my wireless mouse! I’m still attached to a mouse even with my laptop. My fingers just don’t want to do the scrolling on the pad…

5. Shows that entertain us and even teach us something new. I enjoy period pieces like Downton Abbey where you are entertained while getting a picture of what life was like during different periods in history. I also watch shows like Biggest Loser and find it rewarding to see the progress of the contestants. Sometimes I’m inspired to add some healthy alternatives to my life.

What good things are you thankful for today?