Buds and Blossoms of the Spring ~ Hymn

Buds and Blossoms of the Spring

Buds and blossoms of the spring,
Bloom to praise the heav’nly King;
Let the joyful news be spread,
Christ is risen from the dead.


Ever living, loving Friend,
Now to Thee our songs ascend;
Make us pure in heart, that we
May the heav’nly vision see.

Empty now the Savior’s tomb,
Light is shining through the gloom;
He is living evermore
On the bright eternal shore.


Teach us Savior, day by day,
Walking with us by the way;
May our hearts within us burn,
While still more of Thee we learn.


Words: Eliza E. Hewitt

Five Smiles…

Here are Five things from this last week that made and make me smile. I’m sharing at Five on Friday with Amy and Friday’s Fave Five with Susanne.

On Saturday Dear and I worked for several hours in our yard with chores that needed to be done. Things like pressure washing, cleaning out gutters, weeding, and washing my car.

Spring clean-up 001

Smile #1 is our very clean deck after being pressure washed that is ready for the covers to go up on our patio structures soon.

Spring clean-up 006

Smile #2 Our pear tree in full blossom with a closeup of it’s blossoms.


Spring clean-up 005

Smile #3 Beautiful apple blossoms on our apple tree.

Spring clean-up 007

Apple Blossoms

Of all the months that fill the year,
Give April’s month to me,
For earth and sky are then so filled
With sweet variety.

The apple-blossoms’ shower of pearl
Though bent with rosier hue,
As beautiful as woman’s blush,
As evanescent too.

On every bough there is a bud,
In every bud a flower;
But scarcely bud or flower will last
Beyond the present hour.

Now comes a shower-cloud o’er the sky,
Then all again sunshine;
Then clouds again, but brightened with
The rainbow’s coloured line.

Ay, this, this is the month for me:
I could not love a scene
Where the blue sky was always blue,
The green earth always green.

(Letitia E. Landon, 1802-1838)

2015-04-03 siding apple blossoms1

Spring clean-up 019

Smile #4 Lilac Bush getting ready to show all it’s glory.

Spring blossoms 026

Smile #5 Camellia’s blooming away with Azaleas getting ready.

Spring clean-up 021

I love Spring and I’m always renewed in my attitude and outlook during this beautiful season. More plants in the yard are waiting to show their color and I’ll share those after they are in full form.

I have to say that our hard work on Saturday gave Dear and me the groans and moans every time we had to get up or sit down or climb the stairs. Thankfully our muscles aren’t screaming at us anymore but we still know they weren’t happy with our efforts. Never the less I’ve finally been able to get back to walking most every day this week. It’s time for me to shed some of my fluff!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

New Blooms

It’s time for ABC Wednesday and the letter N. Thank you to Mrs. Nesbitt for starting this meme and to Roger and the rest of the ABC team who keep it going.

N is for New Blooms or New Blossoms! It’s a stretch but they are too pretty not to share.

First my Bible Verse Card for the letter N…

For my next few posts I’ll share our time in Eastern Washington with all our kids!

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

April yard 007

“Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree”

Don’t sit under the apple tree
With anyone else but me
Anyone else but me
Anyone else but me
No no no

April yard 005

Don’t sit under the apple tree
With anyone else but me
’til I come marching home
Don’t go walking down lovers lane
With anyone else but me
Anyone else but me
Anyone else but me
No no no

Its lyrics are the words of two young lovers who pledge their fidelity while one of them is away serving in the war. Made popular by Glen Miller and the Andrew’s Sisters during World War II. Just yesterday as I walked under our apple tree and commented on the beauty of the blossoms, Dear called out “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me”.

Seems somewhat appropriate that I post this song and my apple blossom photos as our daughter Katie and I think about packing the car to head to Camp Lejeune for her to be reunited with her beloved who has been serving with the Marines in Afghanistan since September.

No, don’t go walking down lovers’ lane
No, walking down lovers’ lane till you see
When you see me marching home
Then we’ll go arm in arm and
Sit down under the apple tree
Baby, just you and me
When I come marching home

Apple Blossoms 026

Apple Blossoms 013

Apple Blossoms 010

Apple Blossoms 003


Happy Friday to you all. Today Katie and I have hair appointments and Dear and I have eye appointments. Am I packed? No. I do have some piles going. Katie has made some good progress. We both have 1 P.M. events tomorrow and then tomorrow evening we’ll pack up the car.

What’s going on in your part of the world?

April Note Cards

It’s time for Vee’s Note Card party.

Thank you Vee for hosting this monthly party!

Wild Ginger3Sunset over Lake Washington in Kirkland, Washington.

2014-04-07 Tulips1Rows of spent daffodils in Mount Vernon, Washington during the Tulip Festival.

tulips-easterApple blossoms on our apple tree taken this past Saturday.

2014-03-027Russian sweet cheese spread served with Russian Easter Bread (Kulich/Paska).

Христос Воскрес!

Воистину воскрес!

Wild Ginger4Here we are in the middle of April and we’ll finally be celebrating Easter this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to our Good Friday service and Easter service. After services on Sunday some of our family will be coming over to celebrate an Easter meal here. We are having rack of lamb, rice, asparagus, salad and Italian Easter bread (Colomba) with strawberries for dessert. Our annual Kulich/Paska baking day is not happening this year so I was happy to find a source for the Colomba. It tastes and smells very similar to Kulich/Paska.

How are you celebrating Easter this year?

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

God might have clothed the apple trees
In scentless brown of gray —
Such frail and fleeting blossoming,
So soon to pass away —

Instead of this fair springtime garb
Of fragrant pink and pearl,
That flutters down like rosy snow
On every breeze a-whirl.

His goodness gives the pleasant fruit
On laden boughs down-bent;
His lovingkindness adds the bloom,
Its beauty and its scent.

He loads us with His benefits
Until no want we know,
And then He sends the little more
That makes our cup o’erflow.

He opens wide His hand of love;
He gives no stingy dole;
His tender mercies crown our days:
O bless the Lord, my soul!

Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932)

California is back to it’s old ways of showing off it’s sunshine. All my family is slowly trickling in today. Two more to go. I got to see the Bride and Groom last night along with my folks and may brother’s family from Dallas. Their daughter will be one of the flower girls and she was quite confident about her task since she has gotten experience in two of her cousin’s weddings in the last year.

I haven’t taken one photo since I’ve gotten here but tomorrow is the wedding so my camera will be clicking away!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. We’re hearing a lot about droughts and floods. Hope things won’t be as bad as they are predicting.

Who Would Have Guessed…

…I left sunny Seattle and flew to overcast misty Southern California. I’ll leave you with something else that I left behind…

Our apple tree is full of pretty blossoms. I’ll share more later.

I’m in my hotel room in Costa Mesa and will be heading over to Huntington Beach for dinner at my sister’s soon. Tomorrow the rest of my family arrives. Let the celebrations begin…

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms are so lovely and are around for such a short time. They’ve really opened up this weekend and with the sun shining it was fun to snap away. We are having some warm sunny weather in the Seattle area. Everyone is out and about and there are smiles on faces everywhere. We barbecued on the weekend to add to the celebration of warmth and sunshine.

The roofers are still here and the whole job will probably be wrapped up on Thursday once the rain gutters are installed.

I’m debating about attending a book signing event close by to see the Pioneer Woman tonight. Time will tell if I’m up to fighting the crowds. How’s your week going?

Let’s Dish ~ Earth Day

For Kathleen’s Good Earth Theme for Let’s Dish this week I’m revisiting my earthy apple blossom setting. The blossoms just started blooming again this past week.

I used some old depression glass to feature the blossoms.

It’s fun to bring the outdoors in to add some color and depth to a table setting.

Here are some photos of my apple blossoms so far this year. They should be fully bloomed soon.

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad, let the sea resound, and all that is in it; let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy; they will sing before the Lord.” (Psalm 96:11-13)

A is for Apple Blossoms

I’m going to try to participate in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday this time around. The meme is at the beginning again with the letter A.

A is for Apple Blossoms



Since this is just about Maundy Thursday during Holy Week I’ll tell the truth that these Apple Blossom photos are from last year. My apple tree is behind like everything else this year and is just starting to bud nicely. I’m looking forward to what will come my way in the form of B for next week. Until then Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone. We’ll be busy around this old house with Good Friday, then Easter baking on Saturday and having a grand Resurrection celebration on Sunday!

Photobucket replaced all my photos with these blurred out versions and they are holding my photos hostage until I pay them lots of money. I’m slowly going through all my posts and trying to clean them up and replacing some photos. Such a bother.