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This has been a banner Spring in the Seattle area with many things blooming early because of the weather this year. Here are a series of lovelies from our yard. Calling it a garden is a bit of a stretch.


Pink Dogwood is one of my very favorites. We planted this tree just a few years ago.

2016-04-13 pablano soup

cubano -yard 018

cubano -yard 011

chewelah walk 004

Our lilac bush was planted the same time as the Dogwood. This is the first year it is full of blooms. Last year we only had 3 blooms!


pablano soup 012

I love these sweet Violas.

Spring clean-up 021

Our Camellia was at it’s fullest a week ago. It is waning now but the azalea bush you see next to it is now in it’s glory in the photo below.

chewelah walk 002

Next to this vibrant azalea is our Rosebud Azalea that will bloom next.

chewelah walk 003

This next photo shows what the sweet little rosebud azaleas look like when they open up. As of this morning this is the first one to open.

rhoddies 013

chewelah walk 005

We have a few established rhododendrons in our yard. This yellow rhoddy is the youngest and we had some beautiful blooms this year.

13062421_10209416118108177_8720609380336203899_nThese last photos are of our very old and established Rhododendrons that were here when we purchased this old house. The Rhododendron is the Washington State Flower. These next photos were taken this morning in the rain.

rhoddies 007

rhoddies 008

One lighter pink and the other one deeper. The third bush always blooms later than these two.

rhoddies 004

rhoddies 011

rhoddies 009

Our patio covers are not up yet so on the next couple of photos you can see the frames without the covers. We usually put the covers up on Mother’s Day weekend.

rhoddies 012Here you see a little view of our deck patio and the Dogwood, little yellow rhoddy, and the side of our barbecue.

chewelah walk 008

This is a view of the french doors from our family room that are the most used doors at this old house. You step out on the deck from them and this path takes you to our detached garage/shop. I’ll leave you with some shots that show our deck with the covers up. This one shows the deck looking out from our family room.

Another view with our new privacy fence. Whew…you made it through. Wish I could have strolled through with you and a cup of coffee!

We just got home from a trip across the mountains to visit our son and his new bride of 10 months. It’s a 5-1/2 hour drive to get to their home. Now we are rushing about getting things ready for a trip to San Antonio, Texas for Dear to work at a conference there. I will be on my own and will explore this city that I’ve never been to and also drive to Austin to meet up with my brother and his family who will drive down from Dallas. Woohoo. Better get the laundry going. Hope you all have a good week!


Five Smiles…

Here are Five things from this last week that made and make me smile. I’m sharing at Five on Friday with Amy and Friday’s Fave Five with Susanne.

On Saturday Dear and I worked for several hours in our yard with chores that needed to be done. Things like pressure washing, cleaning out gutters, weeding, and washing my car.

Spring clean-up 001

Smile #1 is our very clean deck after being pressure washed that is ready for the covers to go up on our patio structures soon.

Spring clean-up 006

Smile #2 Our pear tree in full blossom with a closeup of it’s blossoms.


Spring clean-up 005

Smile #3 Beautiful apple blossoms on our apple tree.

Spring clean-up 007

Apple Blossoms

Of all the months that fill the year,
Give April’s month to me,
For earth and sky are then so filled
With sweet variety.

The apple-blossoms’ shower of pearl
Though bent with rosier hue,
As beautiful as woman’s blush,
As evanescent too.

On every bough there is a bud,
In every bud a flower;
But scarcely bud or flower will last
Beyond the present hour.

Now comes a shower-cloud o’er the sky,
Then all again sunshine;
Then clouds again, but brightened with
The rainbow’s coloured line.

Ay, this, this is the month for me:
I could not love a scene
Where the blue sky was always blue,
The green earth always green.

(Letitia E. Landon, 1802-1838)

2015-04-03 siding apple blossoms1

Spring clean-up 019

Smile #4 Lilac Bush getting ready to show all it’s glory.

Spring blossoms 026

Smile #5 Camellia’s blooming away with Azaleas getting ready.

Spring clean-up 021

I love Spring and I’m always renewed in my attitude and outlook during this beautiful season. More plants in the yard are waiting to show their color and I’ll share those after they are in full form.

I have to say that our hard work on Saturday gave Dear and me the groans and moans every time we had to get up or sit down or climb the stairs. Thankfully our muscles aren’t screaming at us anymore but we still know they weren’t happy with our efforts. Never the less I’ve finally been able to get back to walking most every day this week. It’s time for me to shed some of my fluff!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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The tulips, Rhody, and Angel are all photos from a tulip garden in Mount Vernon, Washington. The Camellia is from my own yard.

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