Timely Advice…

P1040463Several of these photos were taken from our stop at a roadside Inn on our way to Cornwall.


Wells to Porthtowen food1

Wells to Porthtowen food2P1040467

The rest of the photos are some advice from other parts of England…

London Sunday 045

St. Ives sunny 118

London Saturday 184


My last bit of timely advice to you is this…Set your clocks back tonight or you will be way too early for Church tomorrow!

Ruby Tuesday ~ Election Day

Well here’s hoping this Tuesday will be a true Ruby Tuesday. Sorry Blue, I couldn’t resist. Please don’t judge me too harshly even though I’m NOT for the blue candidate :0) He’s not my Obi wan kenobe!

I thought these Maker’s Mark Bottles were great!


More Ruby for today. These pulls are at one of our favorite eateries here in town. Now see that upper right ale in my collage. It is called Arrogant B*****d Ale.  My blog is rated G so I’ll leave it at that. But it seems like an appropriate ale to celebrate the end of all the political rhetoric we’ve been subjected to these last several months.

For more Ruby Tuesday visit Mary at Work of the Poet.

Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage and demanding a ransom for me to access them. I’m slowly cleaning up many of my posts where PB have added ugly black and grey boxes where my photos used to be. So frustrating!