Vintage Thingies Thursday

For my Vintage Entry this week I decided to show you Vintage ellen b! These Songleading photos are from my highschool days in 1966 and 1967. I graduated from Montebello High School in Montebello, California in 1968.

Top Left photo I’m the second one in. Top Right, I’m on the right standing. Bottom Left 2nd one in. Middle right I’m on the right kneeling and bottom right I’m on the far left.

This is a current thrift store find of this lovely looking lady embroidered on this little tablecloth topper.

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays

Well if it’s vintage or antique and I have it in my home I probably inherited it from my MIL Verna. Verna went to be with the Lord in 1997 and had lived with us from 1988. I’ve always enjoyed these Silhouette art pieces from her. The letter writing and posting ones are dear to me because the art of letter writing is something that I’ve enjoyed keeping alive over the years. Recently I’ve gone the way of most and stopped the regular practice of letter writing. I still write a letter occasionally and always at Christmas.

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays ~ Red & Yellow Tablecloth

This is another tablecloth from my MIL Verna. I love the bright cheery colors in this one. Verna had quite a stash of goodies. This cloth is really too small to use on my larger tables. It would be great on a small table for 4. I think it would look fabulous with some green or yellow dishes.

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Vintage Thingies Thursday

This week my Vintage Thingies Post is something I was so intrigued with when I was younger. This comes from my MIL Verna’s stuff again. She had a hard time getting rid of anything so we are enjoying a lot of her things now.

Does it look familiar?

Now you probably recognize what it is.

Yep! One of those fun collapsible cups. Maybe if we kept these around our landfills wouldn’t be filled with plastic water bottles. Yeah right!

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays

I was going to skip Vintage Thingies this week but when someone who was affected by Hurricane Ike and has damage all over her property is willing to keep playing who am I to take the week off? Hats off to Apron Queen for persevering and trying to keep things normal around her castle.

So here is a collage of some of my vintage thingies that live in my home in Washington State. I’ve probably said it before but I’m living in Southern California right now and I don’t have too many of my vintage items with me here.

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Vintage Thingies Thursdays ~

Boy these weeks fly by. It’s time for some more vintage at Confessions of an Apron Queen so I’m showing another of my vintage tablecloths passed down from Verna, Dear’s mother. Even her name is vintage…

I decided to include this collage so that you can see all the bunches of fruit on the cloth.

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