Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm

This is my last lavender farm post this year…it’s a wrap!

This was our last farm of the day and the 2nd farm that was for sale. We enjoyed a meal in the restaurant on the grounds before we walked about the gardens. The harpist was amazing. Just as we were finishing our stroll about the grounds the rain started falling and continued to fall on us all the way back to the ferry home…

This is my last Lavender Farm Festival post. We’ll see what next year holds and if I’ll be back again. After 2 years in a row I think I might be qualified to be a tour guide…

Caught on Camera…

It’s not very often that I end up in a photo because I’m usually the one snapping away. The third weekend in July my bloggy friend Jill came to spend a few days with us. In the course of our sight seeing in Seattle and at the Lavender Festival in Sequim she had her camera clicking even more than mine was clicking. I borrowed some of the photos she took and created the following mosaics…

I’ll start with a mosaic featuring the photographer Jill and photos she took of our daughter Katie. I took the photo of Jill and Katie.

On Jill’s last night with us we prepared dinner at home. Dear barbecued Sockeye Salmon and I roasted vegetables and tossed a salad. The bartender was in the kitchen shaking up some nice cocktails for us, too.

Thanks Jill for sharing your photos with me.

Linking to Mosaic Monday with Mary at Little Red House.

Port Williams Lavender

Many photos few words. I’m in Southern California spending time at the beach with family, eating meals with family, attending a bridal shower for Katie with family. Flag ceremony with my sister-in-law and Katie. Breakfast at Julienne with sisters, sister in laws, nieces, and daughters. Birthday party at the beach for my youngest brother and sister (twins). Don’t tell them I told you they are turning 48. How does that happen? My baby brother and sister are 48! That means I’m getting old. Disneyland with family. Sheesh…I’m going to need a vacation when I get back home.

Now I’ll just breathe in all this beautiful lavender and relax a bit…

On our way to our next lavender farm we stopped at a U-Pick Berry Farm. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this little girl in the berry patches…

Port Williams Lavender

Our next stop will be Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Jardin du Soleil Lavender and Olympic Lavender Farm

Since I still had 4 Lavender Farms to share with you I decided to combine these two farms. Would you believe we missed several farms, too? Sequim really is the Lavender Capitol of North America.

Olympic Lavender Farm

Most of the farms we visited had live music being performed. There was a great variety from Country to a Harp Soloist.

By this time we were so intoxicated with the lovely lavender that Katie would agree to all my photo shoot ideas! “Go sit amongst the bees” “Don’t worry they won’t sting you.”

Jardin du Soleil Lavender

This is a wonderful piece of property with a great Victorian home and garden and it’s for sale.

There was a maze on the property and Katie set out to conquer it…

Mission accomplished successfully. Another maze under her belt!

Time to sit a spell and enjoy my surroundings.

I had to get a shot of Jill with her camera documenting what stood out to her photographic eye.

We ventured onto the garden paths that surrounded the front end of the Victorian residence.

Onward and Eastward we headed to Port Williams Lavender via a U-Pick Berry farm. More adventures to come.

Tomorrow Katie and I leave very early on a flight to California to visit with family who are converging on Orange County. I don’t know if and when you’ll hear from me this next week but I’ll have another lavender farm posted tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Creekside Lavender Farm ~ Our Military Favorite!

Katie spotted this farm and the sign for a free bundle of lavender for those with a Military I.D.  so she made her mental navigating note for us to return after the farms opened to visitors.

Katie wanted a bouquet with a few of all the different varieties of lavender. The hardest part of gathering the lavender was dodging the bees who were enjoying the lavender. Katie has always had a fear of buzzing insects that can bite!

We really enjoyed the owners of this farm. They were so friendly and ready to go out of their way to explain lavender to their guests. Jill got a good explanation of culinary lavender compared to lavender with a strong camphor odor and slightly bitter. If you want culinary lavender buy the augustfolia which has a light sweet smell.

This farm had some rows of pink lavender, too.

When we went into the lavender store at Creekside to show Katie’s military I.D. the lady of the farm made us cry by tearing up and thanking Katie when my daughter told her that Andrew was serving in Afghanistan. Thankfully she had a box of tissue handy…

Katie’s bouquet that she got for free with her military I.D.

Wednesday is a big soccer day in Seattle. The English Premier League’s Manchester United is visiting and having a friendly match against our own Seattle Sounders. Season Ticket holders for the Sounders got a ticket for this game. I’m meeting up with my son and daughter in law to attend the game. I hope to get some photos of Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and others!

Hope your week is going well!