Creekside Lavender Farm ~ Our Military Favorite!

Katie spotted this farm and the sign for a free bundle of lavender for those with a Military I.D.  so she made her mental navigating note for us to return after the farms opened to visitors.

Katie wanted a bouquet with a few of all the different varieties of lavender. The hardest part of gathering the lavender was dodging the bees who were enjoying the lavender. Katie has always had a fear of buzzing insects that can bite!

We really enjoyed the owners of this farm. They were so friendly and ready to go out of their way to explain lavender to their guests. Jill got a good explanation of culinary lavender compared to lavender with a strong camphor odor and slightly bitter. If you want culinary lavender buy the augustfolia which has a light sweet smell.

This farm had some rows of pink lavender, too.

When we went into the lavender store at Creekside to show Katie’s military I.D. the lady of the farm made us cry by tearing up and thanking Katie when my daughter told her that Andrew was serving in Afghanistan. Thankfully she had a box of tissue handy…

Katie’s bouquet that she got for free with her military I.D.

Wednesday is a big soccer day in Seattle. The English Premier League’s Manchester United is visiting and having a friendly match against our own Seattle Sounders. Season Ticket holders for the Sounders got a ticket for this game. I’m meeting up with my son and daughter in law to attend the game. I hope to get some photos of Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and others!

Hope your week is going well!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “Creekside Lavender Farm ~ Our Military Favorite!

  1. Made me tear up! Now I want the really vibrant purple lavender. Mine is so pale now it hardly has any color but they are TALL happy plants. I’ll have to go exploring next year for other varieties. Our youngest would be right there with Katie….she stops moving with bees and starts her “don’t sting me, don’t sting me, don’t sting me” mantra. (c:

  2. As lovely as all the other farms were in “la de dah” ways, I am so glad this was our first stop as it taught me so much about lavender. I appreciated their signage and REALLY appreciated that they made a point to remember that we are enjoying while others are putting themselves in harm’s way.

    And that they had a doll that looked just like me was pretty special too…

  3. You’ll have all of us tearing up. What a kind thing for that farmer to do!
    Your lavender pictures are beautiful – one even has a lavender heart in it – right in the field.

  4. Such a simple and thoughtful and dear thing to do. I know that Andrew will be hearing about the lavender and those lavender fields owners. Say, Jill does look right at home in the lavender, doesn’t she?!

  5. What breath taking views they must have. Could you imagine being able to wake each morning to the scents and sights?? How lovely Ellen B.
    Katie looks very happy amidst all the lavender ;-).

    xoxo cori g.

  6. This is just the sweetest post. Such a nice gesture for that farm to honor the military. And the wonan’s response to Katie brought tears to my own eyes. That farm would be a gorgeous place to live…buzzing but pretty.

  7. Katie and Andrew deserve the praise for all they are doing for pour country! What an amazing place and how wonderful all this lavender must have smelled!

  8. Such a pretty lavender bouquet! I’m glad Katie was honored in this way! She is unselfishly serving along with her husband by giving up time she would love to have with him. May God bless them.

  9. I could TOTALLY live at that lavender farm! Bliss and beauty! Hurray for people who value our militiary families!
    Finally back from this last travel adventure–I’m playing desperate catch-up.

  10. Hi Ellen, beautiful photos!! How nice to have that mother daughter time together. I am now hanging my hat at a new site. It will take a while to get more pics in. We will be going north next month so will get some new stuff going.. formerly heartnsole.

  11. Kind of funny that I was surrounded by bees there, but I got my first sting of my life the next day at a bridal shower in a backyard! It’s because honey bees are sweet but a mean ole wasp got me. 😛

    The lady definitely made me tear up but I had a huge grin when I got to tell my husband he “bought” me a bouquet all the way from Afghanistan. 🙂

  12. Living here in NC I get to thank a lot of military men and women when I see them
    out and about….The look on their faces says it all. The lady that gave Katie the
    bouquet of flowers is a wonderful person….Thank your hubby from me and I do pray
    often for him and you. We have friends serving now and many who have served in
    the military…..God Bless
    Love from NC,

  13. Thanks, Ellen, for the kind words and comments and gorgeous pictures of our farm. We love what we do and love sharing with all that come to visit. I am so glad you had a great time in Sequim and hope to see you again – maybe next year! We will include Andrew – and Katie – in our prayers. Who knows, maybe someday he will get to visit, too! Susan

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